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Do any of you have any great tips on how you are saving at the pump? What do you do to cut costs when fuel prices skyrocket?


I use a free Iphone app called Gas Buddy. It locates the gas stations nearest to your location and allows you to see what each station is charging for gas!
I also shop at stores that offer dscounts on gas with purchase of groceries. I don't have a store CREDIT card just those FREE cards. I know stores like Safeway, Kroger, Giant they all do it. If there is one in your area find out what deals they offer. I shop at the commissary as well but I'm starting to find that with the "surcharge" they they charge I'm not really saving anything! I use coupons on my groceries and then save on my gas when spend money there up 30 cents per gallon (for spending $75 in groceries)! Not bad!
also you must look at locations that offer money back if you buy a gift card like walmart in san antonio theyy give you 3 cents off gas prices when you get a gift card and pay with that at the pump or maybe a store in your state gives something else for your patronage check online for lowest gas prices in your area as well if you don't have a highspeed phone
Gas Buddy is great, I use that too! I also find grocery stores that pair up with gas stations. I saved 22 cents per gallon last week just because I used my savers card and had racked up points from my grocery shopping.
Kroger now has a deal that if you have 1000 points you can get .30 off the gallon. It usually asks you at the pump if you have enough points if you would like to use your .30 off/ gallon. Also in my area Shell has it so you can use your Kroger card and save per gallon. I believe it is also based on the amount of points that you have on your card.
If you purchase a WalMart gift card and use it between now and 9/30/11, you can save $.10 a gallon. I just load mine up whenever I run am there shopping. Otherwise it's $.03 a gallon. =)
My husband rides his bike to work at least twice a week. This has been a huge savings for us. Also, we work harder at carpooling with other families for our kids events and this has turned out saving a lot too. You can use up to two or three fewer tanks of gas a month by riding a bike only twice a week and carpooling. For us that's between $200 and $300. (We live in Italy) But in the states the savings would be at least $150/mo.
We've noticed that here in ABQ that the gas prices on base are usually 10-15 cents cheaper than the gas stations right outside the gates. Plus it's safer when your stationed in a city with lots of gangs.
Have you recently compared prices between the local grocery stores and the commissary? The only things you will likely save on are the loss-leaders in the advertisements. The savings on meat alone should keep you shopping at the commissary. Of course if you really want to save money, do shop your local stores but only buy their loss-leaders. Make a list of staples: spices, eggs, peanut butter, sauces, pasta, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. and do a comparison. Remembering to figure in the 5% surcharge on the commissary and any local taxes to your community store. Then don't forget to think about the gas savings. Example: you spend $75 at your local store compared to $61.50 at the commissary (18% savings). But you save 5 cents-per-gallon at the stores pumps, with a 14 gallon tank that adds up to $.70 or make that a 44 gallon tank (a Ford Excursion) and you save a whopping $2.20. So the $75-$2.20 actually costs you $11.30. Definitely do your comparisons and find out what is best for your budget!