I would like to be added tp the notification list for when you have any updates on Samsung Pay.


Hi Killervector. As requested, I have added to your name to the Samsung Pay notification list. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. - Ben 

Really just don't understand. The features your team is working on is already great. Why not adopt new features that your members actually want? There's only so much improving that can be done. It's fall, there should be a launch date by now at the least. Listen to your members for once! I've been a member for 10 years and this is the most blatant disrespect for a feature I've seen. It's coming up on 1.5 years old and yet no date for it on a major bank. I just don't understand it.

JMD, I understand the importance of having this feature available. It's certainly not our intent to disrespect you or the membership. This service has taken longer than we expected because our technical teams were focused on improving other critical functions including funds access and increased security measures. Would you like to have your name added to a list so we can notify you as soon as Samsung Pay is available later this fall? - Ben 

Yes add it to the list. I'm gonna give it till the end of fall, then I'm gone for good. Already have to use my Redstone account for Samsung pay so it won't be hard to switch everything.

Thanks for your response, JMD Pojo. I've added your name to our Samsung Pay notification list as requested. - Ben 

I would like to be added to the list as well please.

Thanks for reaching out, Sperman0670. I've added your name to the notification list as well. - Ben 

I also would like to be added to the Samsung Pay notification list

Acresius, your information has been added to our notification list. You will be contacted as soon as the service is available. Thank you. - Rhonda