USAA sent an email concerning Stimulus payments.  Like many Americans I paid using my USAA credit card.  Please address how payments will be made in cases where credit cards were used to pay taxes.  Regards, StGrimbald


Hello @StGrimbald. You will need to check the IRS website for more information on how to update your payment account. They have set up this special site .- Colleen

If you have NOT made a tax payment via a direct bank account, then you need to enroll a bank account with the IRS.  


As usual, it was a long and complex method.  However I did succeed in adding a direct bank account of mine at USAA.  


To do that, I had to pay in at least $1.00 of tax for our upcoming 2020 tax year.   A small price.   


Previously I paid any taxes due via a credit card to earn airline miles.   


Here is where I made the enrollment:


Once you get there, select " Direct Pay With Bank Account ".