STILL LOOSING MONEY in a historically UP market far all the only advise USAA has offered is pretentious remarks on why this is happening to cover for their incompetence

SO after years of signing praises about USAA, I am cutting bait and run away as fast as I can to a competitor before USAA desumates my account further!!!!!


You don't post enough information here for anyone to be able to say whether you should be losing money or not. If you could share more about what funds you are in, what fees you are paying, and so forth, that would be helpful. In general though, I advise the following:


To achieve investment success in the long term, you need two key things: 1) discipline to regularly invest and stick with a thoughtful, steady plan & 2) LOW FEE funds. The impact of fees, even thoose that appear to be low like 1%, compound exponentially over time and have a very dramatic effect on your balance. Play around with this online fees tool to see for yourself how much you lose when your expense ratio is high.


If you know yourself well enough to understand that you have trouble staying the course when the market dips, then use a financial advisor (fee-based, fiduciary only) to help you keep the course. Otherwise, there is zero reason for you to be in an actively managed fund. I recommend the white paper below to educate yourself on why passive index fund investing is statistically the most successful investing method for almost all people (you aren't Buffet).


The case for passive index fund investing


Personally I have a long relationship with USAA and think they do many things great. I value the services they provide. However, I think they fall short in the area of investments. I have moved my investments into Vanguard funds and encourage all of my friends and family to do the same.