Usaa opened an inquiry last weekfrom a wfh rep who took 15 minutes to even grasp what the SSA deposit was. My history shows 12/12/21 deposit to checking. 12/20/21 nothing yet. I received a Usaa document last week after the inquiry was investigated and literally the letter informa me to check with my bank. I am now past hope and speechless. Usaa is the bank!!!! Now watch the scripted respond response that follows. Thank you
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BTW, USA2003, mine says the same thing, only except mine is going to my insurance policy first.  I dropped USAA Auto two years ago and didn't know I could change this to go straight to checking.  So when and if this ever makes it to my insurance account (I still have homeowners and a PP), I will have to wait another 4-5 weeks to get it refunded to me like I did last year!

@USA2003 Retired, I certainly understand your frustration regarding the expected deposit. As soon as funds are received for a direct deposit they are posted to your account. I do recommend continuing to monitor your account as they will be applied as soon as USAA Bank has received the funds. Due to security restrictions were are unable to discuss account detail information via social media, however you may contact our banking department via chat 24/7 on the mobile app or USAA website. We will be happy to review your bank account. - Robyn

This response from USAA shows how badly the company is handling the late SSA distributions.

Don't contact them via Chat, they will tell you they don't have access to that information and tell you to call.  USAA needs to invest the money they are wasting on Rob Gronkowski and the NFL to beef up their customer support.