I'm tryijng to decide if I should keep paying for the SBP for my nonmilitary spouse.  SBP will pay out approx 50% of the retired base pay at time of retirement.  Is it true that if she gets the SBP she can't also receive her own social security, or 50% of what mine would be at age 67 (full retirement age)?  The projected SBP won't be as much (about $900) as 50% of my projected social security benefit of about $1200. 


There is no offset of SBP because a beneficiary is receiving Social Security.  If you die she will be able to receive both SBP and Social Security survivor benefits.  In fact, her Social Security survivor benefits would be $2,400 (assuming she's reached full retirement age and based on the number you provided)--the 50% number you mention is only applicable if she is drawing retirement benefits based on your record while you are alive. Finally, you can only drop your SBP coverage from the 25th-36th month following your retirement.  If you happen to be in that window, I would be very cautious about dropping the valuable and reasonably priced SBP coverage.  Give on our advisors a call at 800-771-9960 if you want to review the specifics of your situation.



Thank you Mr. Montanaro. I will definitely keep paying the SBP premiums.