I have noticed that all USAA accounts have running totals except credit card accounts. Having this feature added would really show me how my purchases and payments affect my balance. Is it possible to add this to credit card accounts?


Hi ItSpec, 

I actually had to log into my personal account to understand what you were asking about. If I understand correctly, you're asking for not just the date, description, and amount but also a running "balance" on the far right like the checking/savings would have? 


I will pass this on to the USAA team as a suggestion for addition. Thank you. 


Yes!!! I completely agree!


The credit card needs to have running totals just like other accounts, and other banks.


I will probably stop using this card because of this.







You DO sort of have a "running total balance".  The Available Credit (see figure below) amount changes as transactions are added. However, I agree that this is NOT a "transaction by transaction running balance".



(Image Created by WEBSITE GURU)


Thanks TaraCrooksUSAA for passing ItSpec's idea on to the USAA Web Development Team as a suggestion for addition.

Website Guru,

You are welcome. I agree with you about the available balance but it's not "transaction by transaction" and does make you have to do backwards math vs. looking at something and saying "oh, that's what I just did to affect that". I relate to what ItSpec is asking and I think that comes from a visual learner perspective (me too! high five!). 



Add my voice to those asking for the running balance in the credit card online statements. Without it, I never know if the calculations are correct unless I manually calculate everything since the last statement. We do all our purchasing with our credit card so we average 3 or 4 new charges per day and it's really hard to keep track of whether the charges are accurate. 

How can I retrieve my credit card statement for a particular month (e.g., 12/2012) online?


Do you have access to the "documents" area of your profile? Mine are in there. Otherwise, you'll need to contact a member service representative at 210-531-USAA (8722)or 800-531-USAA or by using the CONTACT US tab on USAA.com. Thanks!

+1, really wish this feature was there. 

Thanks for posting JP, I have shared your feedback.


If any of you would like an additional outlet to share your thoughts and ideas, please do not hesitate to send us a message here as well.


Thank you!