Let me start by saying this is in reference to the bank I left after 33 years snd the reason I'm here now.
When you purchase Credit Life & Disability insurance on your auto, line of credit and credit card accounts through your bank, and you call them to inform them that your spouse passed away, providing them with death certificate and removed his name from accounts, isn't that the information required to claim on insurance policy?
My situation ended in an unfavorable outcome, that has ruined my credit, due to lack of this action being processed that moment in time. It wasn't until a year and a half later that I was of sound mind and emotionally capable of reading his death certificate. Then it hit me a conversation we had telling me not to forget we have insurance on our debt in the event something happens. So mind you I'm in a delinquent position on all 3 of my accounts with bank, struggling to maintain everything my husband paid for and my bills too. So I am able to locate documents that confirm the Credit Life insurance policies. I have been in collections for a good while trying to stay out of the 90 day late while they are garnishing my paycheck every two weeks leaving me with only food and gas money. When I speak with collection this time and ask why have I been paying for 15 months going through this when this should have been a claim on insurance and those debts satisfied so I could maintain my credit? I was informed that was not there job to tell me I was covered. My heart dropped as I asked her has she ever lost a spouse suddenly or does she understand any part of how devastating grieving can be? She responded with a no, I said you sild me the insurance with every account and I paid for it to benefit me, but as it is now I am upset and my credit has been ruined and your response to me is it's not your job. But you had no problem taking 80% of my paycheck, calling me on the job, marking my payments late as I was paying, and not even an I'm sorry for any of it. Her response was let me see what I can do. On hold I broke down in tears with the fact of where I was finacially, almost losing my home & car the struggle of deciding which bills I could afford and which ones I had to let go unpaid. She returned to the line and said, we have paid everything off and your debt has been satisfied, thank you and hung up. When I discovered that they had made late payment reports to my credit I submitted a dispute requesting that be corrected to reflect the truth. They actually changed the date it was all paid off and nothing else. Everything prior was paid on time and in full. I asked them to reconsider being now my husband was no longer living making me a widow without the comfort of him or his income that I made all the adjustments to my bills by turning off cable, internet, policies to regain my sustainability to survive that my credit was all I had left. This is also right after hurricane Harvey poured 20 inches of rain into my home. Nothing was ever done to benefit me. My next question is shouldn't they have refunded all the payments with interest I made from the day of his passing, I did report it they have a copy of certificate and were aware of my situation?
Thank you helping me understand how this can happen in dire straits of an emotional breakdown, knowingly and intentionally causing more devastating circumstances. I understand now there are laws against such crimes.


Hello and thank you for reaching out to us to share your concerns and difficulties you've experienced due to your spouse's passing. I first want to offer my condolences and can only imagine how hard it is to experience the loss you've had to go through. I will make sure all of the feedback you've provided is forwarded to the appropriate department to review and determine if there is any additional support we can offer based on the concerns you've shared. I certainly send my thoughts your way and personally want to wish you my best through all the challenges you may be facing at this time. Thank you!