For YEARS, customers have been asking USAA to offer a round up service for purchases. Example; purchase of $5.25 gets rounded to $6 and the .75 is put into your savings account. For YEARS USAA has avoided the topic and pointed everyone in the direction of other services. Can we FINALLY get an answer of yes or no will you guys ever offer it? And please don't respond with the typical "We'll pass the information along" or "a subject matter expert will be in touch with you."
Please just answer the question, or better yet, LISTEN to everyone and offer a service so many want and is offered by so many other Banks. Please


There is an option to allow the system to transfer left over money in specific accounts you select and have it transferred to a separate account. It sends cute little texts each day telling you how well you did.
I have it, but it would be nice to have a round up program like so many others do
I don’t know. It’s kind of a novelty to save a little money. I wouldn’t use it.

@plarson2323, I do apologize for the delay in responding to the round up inquiry.  We are not currently developing a roundup service, but we consistently review our product offerings to ensure we are providing the best solutions for our membership. We appreciate the feedback we receive from members and take it into account when considering new products and services. -Colleen