Roll Over USAA Roth IRA to USAA Mutual Fund Standard IRA


I currently have a Roth IRA Annuity (Life Insurance) that I am no longer making contributions to because my income exceeds the amount to maintain a Roth IRA.  However, it still accumulates interest and I get penalized on my taxes every year because of the interest accrued.  My question to USAA is:  Can I transfer the funds in the USAA Roth IRA into the USAA Mutual Fund Standard IRA and close the the USAA Roth IRA?  If so, I will incur any USAA or tax penalties?  Thank you.


Have forwarded your question and account to the appropriate area @Lumberhack8698. While I can't provide a specific time for being contacted we appreciate your patience while waiting for a response.  ~ Joseph