Risks of putting brother on credit card to raise his score

My brother is trying to raise his credit score so they can afford to buy a house.  I have great credit.  He's been told that if I put him as an active user on my credit card (which we use a little and pay off completely every 2 weeks), that can help raise his credit.


This makes sense, can anyone confirm it?


What are the risks to us if we do this?  He has no intention of using our credit card, and I would tell them not to send him a card.  I imaging adding another user to the card would give me a small score bump. How much? Would the fact that the user is him in particular, with his particular low credit score factor into my score?


Hello and thank you for your interest in placing your brother on your credit card account. Unfortunately we cannot confirm if placing your brother on your credit card will raise his credit score. As long as the history on your account remains positive, it should positively impact your brother. His credit score should not impact your score. If the account itself is negatively impacted by either of you, then that's when both of your scores would be impacted. As an authorized user your brother can do the following:


  • Can add a temporary block, but cannot remove a temporary block.
  • Is responsible for their own charges in the event the primary or joint account holder does not pay.
  • May charge up to the full credit limit.
  •  Balance Transfer
  •  Cash Advances (including funding a prepaid card)

There are other transactions that an authorized user can do, however we wanted to share the main ones pertaining to charging on the account. Thank you! - Darrell

Better to have him as cosigner on your credit cards. Leaves u in control and he is given credit.