Ripped off and out of work

I was ripped off by a merchant for $200 over 3 months ago. I'm out of work and really need that money and have been trying to get this resolved since June. I filed a fraud report with USAA but missed the initial request for more info and the claim was initially denied. I re-opened the dispute but now USAA is telling me they have no timeframe for when this may get resolved. I know it was my fault for missing the initial request, but I tried to resolve that as quickly as possible. After speaking with support over 5 times I'm at a loss for how I can get them to help me re-claim my lost funds.  I've been a loyal member of USAA for over 15 years and don't see how they can allow a merchant to just blatantly steal my money and drag this out for weeks on end. 

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@Danzig, I'm sorry to learn that you were defrauded by a merchant. I can certainly understand your need for funds since you mentioned your current employment status. Please allow me to engage the appropriate team for a status on your fraud claim. First, I'll need to locate your USAA profile. Please send a private message with your full name, phone number and email address. ~DC

File a complaint with the BBB - response time by USAA becomes much quicker.