As a former service member and disabled veteran, I have been a long time member of USAA. USAA isn't what it used to be. If you are a member, I strongly suggest you shop around because WE ARE being ripped off.  In July 2020, I was seeking to modify my homeowner's policy to make the cost more manageable to my budget. I was told that I could not make any changes because it was stuck in underwriting. While doing this, I shopped around and I found that other insurance companies offered similar products at a much lower cost (even before discounts). But, after finally getting my account unlocked, I made changes that I was able to live with so I could stay with USAA.


Fast forward, just 3 months later and I receive a statement for my new policy packet. The changes I made were effectively erased because the cost of my new policy is 300 dollars more a year- what a suprise! In order to keep the policy I would have to consider making additional changes, which would make my deductible ridiculously high... but guess what? my account is locked again.  As soon as I have coverage for my home with another company, USAA will be losing a long time customer. I strongly encourage others to do the same.


Hello, @Cancelling soon. Thank you for your membership and sharing your experience with us. This is very concerning to read, indeed. We definitely wouldn't want any member to feel this way. Please, bear with me as I engage the appropriate area for further review and support on this. ~ Steven 

Your rates have significantly increased due to the recent diversity and inclusion initiatives for Racial Equality.  The CEO has decided to muck around in market forces in an effort to gain some good old "at-a-boys" from the community.  Unfortunately, he's not paying out of his pocket or from the profits made by USAA.

Great observation. Maybe if the executives at USAA weren't blowing money on marxist organizations they could afford to give their customers better interest rates.