Money matters? Well, how about for the second time I'm shirking out $500 to keep my car insurance. I had my bank account connected through my app, and because it takes them so they long to pull the money. So...when they finally pull the funds, my account doesn't have it. It literally takes a week for them to pull the money. Or more. I never got told this, I've never had this issue, and my bank account is connected to most of my bills. And the late fees they tack on is just criminal. I will be looking for a new insurance. I'm done with this one.


Heather L1, I understand that you have concerns about the processing timeframe for your insurance payments. We certainly don't want to lose your business. Please allow me to engage a business specialist to review the situation. Once our research has been completed, we will reach out to you (during regular business hours). ~Darcy