We’ve financed our last 2 vehicles with USAA, wasn’t able to this last time, our credit suddenly isn’t good enough. So a week ago we bought a new Toyota Corolla and wrote a check for a down payment. Today we find out the check was returned as insufficient funds and we were charged a 30$ fee. When we had over 3k in the bank for the 1500$ down payment we made.
Talked to a representative who couldn’t tell me why my check was declined as insufficient but gave me my 30$ back and told me I could write another check.
No thank you. This is just another reason we are considering leaving USAA for banking and auto insurance and everything. Customer service and everything else is not like it used to be.


@N8sDad, I regret to hear of your experience. I can certainly understand how this would be a trying situation. It's never our intention to be unable to explain how something happened, and I would like to have this reviewed. I've elevated your details to the appropriate team. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. ~Holland

Personal math can be difficult for some.