I have been a USAA member in great standing for 21 years.  I recently created a revokable living trust and was informed by USAA that I cannot fund that trust with my checking/savings money at USAA. They will not retitle my accounts in the name of my trust. I cannot tell you how disappointed  I am in USAA. My lawyer has recommended against naming the trust as a beneficiary...bad idea for many reasons. If you are considering this based on USAA recommmendation, please speak with your estate lawyer first. My lawyer has recommended finding another bank so I can protect my assets in case of incompacitation or death. USAA will be losing a banking member over this...after 21 years. I am not shy about sharing my thoughts with others at this point. While in the past, i have bragged USAA up, that will not be the case moving forward. It is sickening that the agents I spoke with do not seem to even care.... "do what you think you need to."  So, I look now to forming a new banking relationship, the work of re-establishing all my recurrent monthly payments to my billers, and empyting my USAA accounts. 

Last thought.... how can USAA work in good conscience for retirement planning, and drop the ball completely once you have retirement money when it comes to unforseen circumstances (incompacitation) and beyond (death). 

              Hello and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us concerning your revocable living trust you are looking to setup for your USAA accounts. We are sorry to hear about the disappointment you experienced while trying to process your revocable living trust. We will forward your concerns to the appropriate department for further review. Thank you!