Request of Feature: Transaction Rounding into Savings

I'd really like an auto-saving feature that rounds off my transactions into some sort of account. Should have some options for people to tweak.


Example, Credit Card gets a transaction for 34.73, and it shows $35 on the bill, but $0.27 rounded off into the "Savings."

Example, I write a check for $123.75, but it rounds off the number to the nearest whole dollar of $124 and $.025 goes off into the "Savings."


I can then have this money applied monthly to my Credit Card bill, or into savings, or automatically purchase Mutual Funds or other money managements tools available to USAA members.


@Lotus, your feedback regarding transaction rounding into savings is appreciated. I will be happy to share the details of this feature with the appropriate team for review and consideration on possible future offerings. We do have other savings opportunities for members to consider taking advantage of. From My USAA page select My Tools > Go to Budgeting and Goals > Select Savings Booster and review the options we have available. I hope you will consider taking advantage of this feature. Thank you for reaching out to us today. - Rhonda 

The point the user is trying to point out is simplicity. This is not a new idea and provides the member to grow its savings and increases USAA liquidity in back office use so pass off this a high priority feature that wouldn’t take much to complete.

Then also pass off request to have the interest rates reviewed as well.

Thank you for sharing your feedback on this @batman23. -Colleen