Maybe it’s me but USAA Executive resolution department are horrific, dishonest, unprofessional, and fraudulent. I have money owed to me from a closed double fully paid credit card from a closed CD account with USAAv (credit owed back to me) that I keep getting multiple different answers, and today was promised and guaranteed would be deposited into my internal account that not only never occurred when promised, but again another 24-48 hours before anything happens. Meanwhile I have other payments that are supposed to come out that won’t get paid as I’m on a limited income and most likely will have over draft fees that to USAA not keeping there promised/commitment. Hopefully you will never have to speak with Ron in Executive Resolution department as he never is helpful and today 1st refuses to get a manager/supervisor on the phone, 2nd then told no one was available, waited another 30 minutes and the same line was no manager is available. According to Ron it’s now another 24-48 hours before it supposedly goes back into my internal account. So far over 5 plus hours of my time on the phone trying to get my money back that’s owed to me. Learning lessons to everyone-stay clear away from the banking and credit card division. Shameful that USAA gets away with treating members like this.


@TR1!, So sorry to hear of this experience. This isn't at all how we want anyone to feel. I am forwarding your concerns to a Bank specialist now. ~Tom