Representative on phone lied and was rude and dismissive

I spoke with Chance, a representative who answered my call and I find him to be rude and dismissive. I tried talking to him about a sign up bonus I was expecting to receive and have signed up for on my AmEx Cashback Rewards Plus. The bonus was $150 for $500 spent in three months. He couldn't give me straight answers and each time he would give me an answer completely different than what was asked of him. Asked him when I'll receive my sign up bonus and he told me about my other card which was Preferred Cash Rewards and said he saw I have accumulated $XXX amount of rewards and it was a Visa card that earns cash rewards on every purchases. Asked him if he sees that there's a sign up bonus on my card and he said he will place me on hold. Came back to argue that he didn't see any sign up bonus on the website. Why would you see a sign up bonus that may have expired on the website a month after I have applied for this card?? Chance then argued that USAA does not give sign up bonuses and will not be offered publicly and it will not be shown on the website, only individual basis. So why did he check the website?? Then I told him a month ago, I signed up for a card that has a sign up bonus, displayed on the website, through a representative on the phone. Chance said if I really did signed up for a card with sign up bonus he would see it on the computer. Asked him why is it not showing on his computer and he said he just don't see it. Asked him what I should do and he said there's nothing I can do and there's nothing he can do to help me either. So I asked to speak with a senior representative. He said there's no senior representatives around at this hour and there was no one I can talk to and even if there was, they can't help. Didn't even sound convincing like he was trying to brush me off and said he can ask someone to call me the next day and kept repeating even if they call me they will say the same thing, which is, they can't help me. I hung up and called again. This time a very nice lady answered and transferred me to a senior representative. Didn't even make me wait for long and a senior representative answered my call. So Chance lied. Very dishonest. Upon checking and gathering additional information on my cards, the senior representative was able to look up my sign up bonus offer. Didn't even take much, she found the offer right there and explained that she have documented our conversation and if I don't get my sign up bonus I can refer back to the documentations she left on my account. Great service on senior representative's part and horrible on Chance's.


Oh no, I do regret to hear of this experience. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert.  Once reviewed they will contact you, we do appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily

At least Chance didn't hang up on you.  When I called today and asked for a supervisor, the rep hung up on me.  Its all good, I'd been selected for a survey and gave him "1's".