I recently decided to use Mint to build a family budget and track my assets/liabilities.  However, as evidenced by numerous posts here in the USAA Member Community and my own experience from the last several days, there is a major disconnect between Mint.com's account linking and USAA's account security measures.  It appears that the CyberCode Text feature of USAA.com does not work properly with Mint.com; I would like to transition my account security back to Computer Recognition, but Account Security under Profile and Preference's no longer allows that.  Is there a method by which I can deactivate CyberCode Text in favor of Computer Recognition?  Or can USAA please, for goodness sake, fix the problems between USAA and Mint, or build a budgeting tool within USAA that actually works?


Thanks for posting to the Community, PhillyFlyer. For this, please contact our technical team at 1-877-632-3002 for immediate assistance. When prompted say “technical support”.  - Cathleen

I called technical support and was told that USAA is unwilling to remove the CyberCode feature. I could change from cybercode text to cybercode token, but can't remove it from my account. They did assure me that CyberCode is used to assure maximum account security, but that does little in helping me remove it from my account. I'm very upset.

Biggestjosh, thank you for your post. I regret the frustration and inconvenience this has caused for you. Member security is a top priority, and we want to ensure your profile is safe. I am sharing your comments with the appropriate area for further review. Thank you for taking the time to voice your feedback. -Meredith

Same issue here. Please fix this problem ASAP or I will be forced to move my banking and credit card business elsewhere!

ridiculogic, we appreciate you sharing your concerns. Please understand the security of our members accounts is important to us and that is why we've changed login options. We are aware that some sites such as Mint do not perform well with our new login methods. USAA is committed to account security and is working diligently on a solution that both protects members and supports their needs. I regret any inconvenience caused and any feedback regarding this matter will be collected and shared with our team. Thank you. - Rhonda

I have been involuntarily enrolled in Cybercode text as well with no options to disable as well.


It is extremely inconvenient and I am very unhappy. I will be taking my banking elsewhere if it is not resolved soon. 

I see posts that the issue with Mint may have been resolved but it is also an issue with Debitize and Personal Capital.