Just want to say thank you staff at USAA do to circumstances I could not control I was incarsarated for the yr (Jan.6-Nov.6 ) and it's been a very hard learning experience for me today the least but when i was released to find out my identity was stolen and bank accounts drained and feeling pretty low way would anyone wana b me or what little i have and besides the time i lost and money home foreclosed on just to mention a few but just to say couldn't or cant tell you the names of people that helped me as it took a month but they reimbursed $$$ and each and every time they treated me nice and were very respectful to me and I've not received that from everyone including my own family but despite how I've read that USAA is not the same as it once was I'm very grateful to the staff merry Christmas and thanks


@Steeljockey1, thank you for sharing your experience with USAA. Identity theft can be very scary. I'm pleased to learn that you were treated with respect and that you were reimbursed for the fraudulent activity. I hope you have a Merry Christmas, as well! ~DC