Regarding the Budget Tool... how many stars out of 5 would you give it?

I've been a member for many years but have only recently decided to try the budget tool. Frustrating!?

Accounts don't show up between my account page and among those available to track. I enter budget subcategories and "SAVE" and then find them gone when I open the tool again. I've spent hours dealing with this and wonder if it's me or ????

 Thanks for any input you have.

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USAA use to have a great financial planning tool. Now, not so much. It seems members are being pushed to a paying type service. As for a budget, I use a worksheet. I try and keep it simple: income, fix expenses, variable expenses, and savings. At the first of the year, I add up my spending over the previous year and budget for a similar spend in the coming year. That seems to work for me. The Internet is full of worksheets. This may be a starting point: pdf-1020-make-budget-worksheet_form.pdf (

@gwerhan, thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear of the difficulty you have experienced with the budgeting tool and the frustration it has caused you. We want to ensure you are able to enjoy the great benefits of the budgeting tool. I recommend contacting our website customer support team at 877-631-3003. Our specialist are available 7 days a week from 6 a.m. to midnight, CT, and will be happy to assist with troubleshooting the issues you have described. I am also forwarding your feedback and concerns to the appropriate department for further review. Thank you. - Robyn

Respectfully, the number you provided, 877-631-3003, is answered by "All Connect", a cable/internet company. 


Not very encouraging as I read elsewhere on the USAA community discussion that USAA's service/quality is in decline.


Thanks anyway.


Gerry Werhan