USAA no longer refinances condos, did anyone else know this? It’s not stated anywhere. I have been a USAA member for over 20 years have had a VA loan and a refinanced conventional loan with USAA. I tried to refinance my my current USAA conventional loan for my condo, went through the whole process as approved, 12 weeks later I was told USAA will no longer be servicing condos and would not continue with the refinance of my loan they already serve. My situation was escalated to 5 different people each requesting to “speak to me” after dozens of missed calls and my consent for them to leave a message. I had to explain myself 5 different times for each representative to tell me USAA has decided to no longer serve condos. The letter I received informing me USAA will not be continuing with the loan was dated the first time my case was “escalated.” Instead of “serving” military member USAA has plummeted in customer service and no longer values it’s loyal members. I have shared my experience with many active duty members and Veterans and the responses I received were USAA has stopped “servicing” military members a long time ago.


Just another example that USAA is not the company it once was.