I refinance from Wells Fargo to USAA last year, 2019.  Very smooth, quick, and overall great experience.


Fast forward to this year.  I want to get upgrades/fixes done to the house.  To prep for this and have money for it, I went for a Cash Out Refinance with USAA.  You would think it would be an easy deal, staying with the company for the process.  Sadly, it hasnt.  It has been dragging out painfully and weeks without any communication.  No return phone calls and no email replies.


The main overall reason why I am posting on here is the extreme frustation of one part of the process.  I have been bounced around with different Loan Officers and Loan Preppers.  The few and far inbetween contact via email and returned phone calls, is my "work employment proof."  I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  In those rare telephone/email returned messages I talk to someone about my refinance, they always say, "well, we need proof of your employement. Please go to this Department of Defense website for their employees to verify employement."  I polietly explain that Department of Defense ...AND... Department of Veterans Affairs are two different things.  We are own separate government agencies.  Besides helping servicemembers and Veterans, we are not connected in anyway. I provide my recent LES (multiple times) and W2s.  USAA's response every time, "well, thats nice, but anyways please go onto the DOD website to verify that you are a DOD Employee."  Back in 2019, there was no issue and my LES/W2 was good enough.  This time around in 2020, USAA thinks Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs are the samething.  This is extremely frustating and now seems to be holding up the whole process. I don't know how else to explain to USAA that DOD and the VA are not the same thing nor I am a DOD Employee.  I am getting to the point and leaving a voicemail that I know won't be answered for another three weeks that "Nevermind, I am going back to Wells Fargo for better service."


(For kicks, I tried out that DOD link they provided.  Naturally, I tried to accessing with my VA creditionals.  The site says you are not a DOD Employee.  That was a fun laugh.)


Thank you for reaching out to us. We are sorry to hear about this experience. We have forwarded your concerns and feedback to the processor's leadership to address and provide better expectations.