Reassert, Reassertion, What to expect after filing credit card reassertion?

I'll try posting this here.  My credit card statement is due tomoorow (11/14).  I've paid all, but the amount that I have a dispute about with a merchant.   I have read that if this disputed amount is paid, then the reassert is void.  Does anyone know if this is true?


My Reassertion letter was mailed on 10/27/14, I've not heard from USAA.


(The Credit Card Reassertion letter was mailed to an address in San Antonio.  Is this part of USAA or a third party?)


I've always paid my credit card in full each month and have never been late.  It makes me uneasy to leave an unpaid balance, yet this issue with the merchant has not been resolved. 


I can find nothing on the USAA website about reassertion.   Any help??



I also was unable to track down this information on the site and unfortunately here in the community as a community manager I do not have access to your member information. Please 

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On 10/27/14, I sent a letter to 'Credit Card Reassertion' at an address that I was given by the USAA customer service.

After no response, I wrote to you on this site (see above) and received a call on Nov 17, 2014, from USAA Dispute Dept (402-222-0024), the woman named Sheryl told me the address given to me by customer service was incorrect. It was the address for Credit Card Dispute. She said the letter arrived at Credit Card Dispute department on Nov 7, ten days earlier! The representative was very polite and said she would forward the letter to Credit Card Reassertion.  

That was Nov 17, and the last  time I heard from USAA.  I called the phone number above on Dec 1 and Dec 2 leaving messages.  No response.  Can you tell me when I might hear something from Credit Card Reassertion?

On several occasions, I've expressed my uneasiness about the outstanding balance for the amount in dispute which was due on 11/14.  Another month has almost passed by.


Unfortunately as a member community manager I do not have access to your member information. Could you please click here to provide us with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722 who can address this issue with you. We hope to hear from you soon.

It has been nearly four (4) months, since I wrote a letter to USAA Credit Card Reassertion on 10/27/14.


USAA Customer Service has told me to ’be patient’ and that ‘it takes a long time to process”. In the meanwhile, there is a monthly finance charge to my account, because the amount in dispute has not been paid.


The USAA monthly statement states under the heading, “Additional Disclosures”; and under the subheading ‘Your Rights if you are dissatisfied with your credit card purchases; then under line Item 3. ‘You must not yet have fully paid for the purchase’. I have asked if there was something in writing on the website that addressed balances that were disputed in a reassertion situation. I got no answer from USAA customer service, nor have I found anything on the website. Therefore, I’m at a loss as exactly how this disputed amount should be handled while I’m waiting for a response from USAA Credit Card.


Finance charges on this account are based on the ‘Average Daily Balance’ which means that although I’ve paid the account in full each month, except the amount in dispute, I’m being penalized for using the credit card. That is, I am charged finance charges on the disputed amount, plus anything else that is charged during the month. Understanding this, any automatic payments on the credit card have now been canceled and the card is not being used. Our family has the choice of paying for purchases by check, cash or another credit card. The additional finance charges for using the card are unfair when the statement is paid, as always, at the end of each month.


I, now have a new dilemma, although the balance owed is the approximate amount of the disputed amount. At the end of February, when the monthly statement is due again, a minimum payment will be required, and another finance charge will be applied. At the point when finance charges, exceed the amount of the disputed amount, will USAA argue that the purchase has been paid. Is this fair treatment of the customer?


I have always paid my bills. I will make the required minimum payment. However, it will be made under protest.


I’ve written on the USAA Community website (username: Vouvray1984), called customer service several times, no one there seems to know what has been done or what is being done concerning my letter of 10/27/14. I’ve been told that the Reassert Department is a unique part of USAA and, to the contrary, on another call was told that Reassert was a part of MasterCard.


In the age of communication, I have nothing in writing from USAA. I bring to question your performance in properly handling this matter.


TaraCrooks, you have been a constant and have responded both times I posted above. However, I have to argue that my user name is linked to my email address and my account and yet you’ve directed me to phone customer service where a different representative with a different opinion has been reached each time I’ve called.   Are you real or is your response a robotic or electronic entry?


The courtesy of your reply would be greatly appreciated,


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Hi Vouvray 1984,

I would like to start my apologizing for this long and frustrating process you have been through.


Your social account is not linked to your member number, so in order for us to help you with account specific issues, we need additional information you do not want to share in this forum. Please send us an email at and please include your member number, the information you provided above and the best way to contact you and we will have a specialist review your situation as soon as possible. I am sorry this requires you to send us another form, but this way we can get all of your details and get this situation sorted out.


Thank you for your continued patience and for your long time membership. (From a non-robot fellow member :))