Really? Threatening to cut off access to my money if I don't disclose my net worth and answer a zillion marketing questions

So now federal regulations are requiring you to cut off access to my account unless I disclose my net worth and my Zelle usage? For a checking account? Weird how none of my other banks are suffering under the same requirements.  They have been a more pleasant experience all the way around lately. The threat to cut off the app was kind of pointless since it works so poorly. Most of the time I start depositing a check to my USAA account, then switch because the stupid app can't capture my check while the other bank's app has no problem. 25+ years, and I'm just about outta here.


This boneheaded move is just the latest. A few years ago, my 95 year old WWII veteran Dad called to cancel his credit card. After an hour on the phone, he got someone who was trying to verify his identity by asking a bunch of questions that a 95 year old has a hard time answering. Then they heard me trying to help him answer, so they informed us they had to terminate the call and hung up on us. After over an hour, when they knew perfectly well he was who he said he was. So now we just let the account sit. They keep sending us letters asking him to confirm his change of address. Which requires either logging on (when he can't access his password) or calling (we already know how they treat him on the phone.) So they can just keep sending the letters forever as far as I'm concerned. Their lack of regard or compassion for our aging heroes makes me sick. I would have expected better from an organization that claims to serve our veterans. I get that you have to have security measures. But when you serve so many of the Greatest Generation, you have to perhaps be flexible and use your brain a little bit to make it work while honoring them. USAA used to be a great organization. No more.

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Switch to PenFed.. I did.. Credit Unions usually give better rates anyways.

You don't understand the massive shift in USAA: they no longer serve veterans, they use them. Veterans are a reliable and mature group who are not inclined to be angry activists and act out of selfishness and petty concerns. USAA, with it's historical reputation of truly serving veterans, has given the company an excellent means to exploit them for greed and profit. Of course customer service has declined- good customer service decreases profit. Of course interest in basic saving instruments is laughable- USAA doesn't make money by giving it away! USAA has learned that by maintaining the facade of serving veterans, the CEO and Board can live economically sweet and politically "woke" leftist lives at the expense of America and its veterans.


That got pretty political real fast.  I am 100% agreeing with you.  USAA doesn't serve veterans.. They rake them over the coals.  I thought USAA had better insurance rates than everyone else, only to find out it was a scam and they would just raise your insurance rates 5-10$ every 6 months until your like "What am i doing".  That was the first service I terminated, next is my credit card and soon my checking if I can just get HR to make the change on my Direct Deposit already...  Its so hard to find a bank that you can feel good about these days.  SoFi has way more to offer than USAA.  I'm sure they have their quirks, but atleast check them out.  They aren't just a loan company or bank.. There's way more going on there.

Anyone who uses the terms like "woke", "leftist", "Critical Race Theory", "Brandon", etc are prime candidates to be ignored as kooks.   They can't seem to make their brain housing groups function without those hackneyed phrases.   It's bad enough hearing that garbage from civilians, but from military or ex-military, this old dawg has had enough.   Just ignore this person and move on.   

Adam, Sorry to hear. I closed every financial product I had with USAA about 3-4 yrs ago and started to do all my financial business with my credit union (member since the 1970s) and haven't lost sleep doing it. It took me 65min to close my USAA credit card. I had to endure conversation by one of their unprofessional reps (sounded much younger than me) who pretty much tried to tell me (a retired Lt Col) I was making a biggest mistake my life and that I didn't know what I was doing. Needless to say they lost the remainder of my financial business, and that my wife and kids. I will never go back to them even though they're located just down the road from me. This young sounding USAA rep did me a big favor by giving me the determination I needed to finall cut my ties. I've also been thinking about going the extra mile to find another insurer for my vehicles and home. As far as your dad's situation, my dad unfortunately passed away in late October, and I found out that he has a USAA member number. I guess I would expect USAA to ask me to produce him if needed to discuss anything about his membership. But then, he tried to inquire about insurance some time ago and I don't think that went anywhere. Someone up there was watching over him. My bet is that his member number will continue to survive in USAA's list of members--even if he doesn't have any products with them--just so USAA get tell the world how great they are and inaccurately portray how many active members they have. It's a money game with USAA and the active members are just a convenient pawn. Make sure you get a power of attorney so you can help him out. Good luck.


Note to USAA: No need to clutter USAA's inbox. Mine is just a comment and not a conern--at least not anymore. :-)