I hope to inform as many personnel as possible. USAA Advertised a cash back rewards Credit card from American Express with additional rewards as an offer to my spouse and me. We are supposed to get 4% rewards on gas and  1% grocery purchases plus 1% on everything. However, I examined my Credit card statements from USAA American Express card cash rewards plus and after analysis I determined that I was not receiving cashback rewards for purchases at the base commissary or the PX gas station because USAA and AmEx are categorizing those transactions as "Government Services". I phone called USAA support two months ago and informed the representative of this issue and they said they would get back with me. They did not. I have again called USAA this past week to ask about this issue and I was told that this is something I would have to fix myself by getting the commissary and the PX (AAFES) gas station to change their credit card transaction data coding for the purchases. I contacted the 'Defense Commissary Agency' headquarters and they were nice enough to reply to me that this is a problem they have seen before (since 2006) and they have assisted individuals by contacting American Express and getting the categories changed just for the individuals. However I believe that this problem is widespread. I also believe that USAA would be appropriate for them to take charge and solve this issue with American Express (and other card services). I suspect this may also happen on my MasterCards or Visa cards rewards at other financial institutions. I am hoping that this problem will be taken seriously and it will be fixed for many Service personnel and retirees.The commissary person told me they have seen this issue since 2006. I wonder how widespread this really is. Additionally the gas and groceries don't show up on the money manager of USAA because they're listed as government services. In fact, this is how I originally discovered this issue when my money manager budget showed transactions for "government services" as a large part of my budget  that I could not explain. Someone needs to care at USAA--




 Very sorry to hear about your issue with the cash back program. 

I have passed this information on to the appropriate department. 

As always, specific concerns can be addressed by contacting a member services representative by clicking 
here to provide USAA with additional detail and your member information. You can also reach a service specialist at 1-800-531-8722.