I am a Member since 1948 which is the time that I finished Pilot training in the Army Air Force.  I was allways satisfied with the auto insurance, but have had a few problems with other USAA products.  Lost money on a USAA real estate investment debaucle some years ago.  Transferred both of my brokerage accounts (substansual amount of money) when USAA would not allow me to trade in an over the counter AT&T Bond about 3 years ago .  I transferred  my brokerage  accounts to Scottrade, what an eye opening experience.  Scottrade trading platform was like space travel as compared to the USAA platform being a wagon train  and they are very pleasing to work with.  


Yep, a few people lost a lot in real estate a few years ago. 


A very suspicious post.  First, are you affliated with Scottrade?  An active stock trader at age 85+?  Congratulations.


Since 1948 it would have been quite easy to win or to lose on...ANY investment.  A loss somewhere in the last SIXTY-SIX, or 56, or 46 or 6 years is not something to blame on USAA.  Maybe a bad investment choice was the real reason for the loss.