I have notice USAA insurance rates are higher than State Farm. Also NFCU always has lower rates for new cars. Perhaps because NFCU rewards longjevitey.


Insurance rates are based on many individual factors.  If you are high risk, there is a good chance you will find lower rates than USAA.  In my case, this past March I reviewed my insurance and found State Farm $400.00 higher for each six month policy.  That is not taking into account what USAA normally pays back in SSA distributions.


I'm a member of both USAA and NFCU.  They are both very good financial institutions and are fairly competitive with each other.  Not sure where you are looking, but below is snippets of their rates as of today - they are just about the same.  USAA right now has the lowest if you use the car buying service.  A smart consumer will shop around and go with the product that best suits their needs.


Here are NFCU current new auto rates:




Here are USAA's:




The best deal is using USAA Car buy service and you can get 0.99% APR for 36 months: