I am sick and tired of Companies pandering this "Racial Equality Justice stuff"! We all are Americans, and this Country is not a racist Country like the media wants us to think.  There are organizations that want to take down America & its Constitution and those organizations hide under a “Slogan” that looks like sheep clothing but wolfs run the place.  LIKE: BLM, which their website used to states “Marxism” before they washed it from the website since it gathers to much attention.  I have never seen them in Chicago protesting gang bangers killings Black on Black, have you?

 We are all equal under the eyes of God! Americans law state the same thing.  I served our Country, and all my brothers and Sisters I served with did judge me by my skin color only by the content of my Character. 

 American is the Land of the Free! This blind pandering must stop!

Did USAA give money to BLM? I want to know.


Amen.  I have never utilized this forum, but for some reason usaa community pops up with $50 million to fight etc., everytime I go to log in and now I am annoyed enough to comment.  USAA leadership don't waste my money on false premises.  Also, don't respond to threats and protests.  Just as Amazon was quick to jump on the bandwagon before educating themselves about BLM or ANTIFA or the eruption of violence, this appears to be either blatant ignorance or blatant consumer virtue signalling. 

Why? Why in the world would USAA do this during an economic calamity in which all their membership is affected?


As members, when did we get a voice on this policy?


HANDING OUT MONEY BASED ON YOUR RACE IS RACIST. I demand USAA stop this RACIST practice immediately.



USAA could have spent that money helping veterans and funding research for medical issues veterans face, instead they chose to bow down to the mob and flood racist organizations with cash.


The Framers fought for racial justice and have "inclusion" in the constitution...all men are created equal! Protesting was the Boston Tea party; states succeeded from the union... unconstitutional! Get over it and really understand what you fought for; all blood is red and get over it! You should be proud when people "protest" for rights afforded them because we're all create equal under the "law!"