RV Travel, rental property, and residency requirement

My plan to travel full time with my truck and trailer is not going to work.  USAA has a requirment that I have a physical address where I reside.  Other insurance companies have a similar requirement.  For this reason, and others, I decided that part time travel is a better way to proceed.


I am in the process of buying a townhouse.  I want to rent it for the months I am traveling.  How many months during the year must I live in the townhouse for USAA to consider it my physical residence?


@Robert1975- Hi Robert, my resources indicate that a residence is considered a primary residence if the member lives at the property more than 50 percent of 365 calendar days (over 182.5 days). For policies effective on/after April 1, 2019, a 2-4 family building may be rated as a Primary Residence, provided the insured lives in one of the units and can provide the required documentation proving that it is the Primary Residence. In order to receive Replacement Cost Coverage (RCC) in the event of a loss, the dwelling must also meet the Principal Residence definition. A Principal Residence is a single-family dwelling in which at the time of loss, the named insured or the named insured's spouse has lived for either 80% of the 365 days immediately preceding the loss, or 80% of the period of ownership, if less than 365 days. I hope this information helps you with your travels.~Shawna