My spouse and I had an RV loan of $99,999 through USAA.  We recently sold and paid off the RV to downsize to a Class C.  I called USAA, talked to a rep. about getting prequalified for around $85,000.00.  She informed me because COVID 19 and financial problems members had that they were only financing loans up to $35,000.  Prior to my call to them, I researched the RV loan criteria and it specifically states you can qualify for up to 180 months for financing $35,000 or greater.  If you finance only up to $35,000 then there is no greater!!   We have not been effected financially by Covid, therefore, we both feel we are being punished for this change.  It's time to take my banking somewhere else.  


Sorry you're dealing with that.  I just wanted to commiserate.  We've also had terrible experiences with USAA recently, and will be taking our banking elsewhere after our PCS this summer. 

  As a military serving bank, a majority of their customers were not financially impacted by COVID. That excuse just doesn't fly. 

Good luck in finding superior banking!

Congratulations on the sell of your RV! I would be glad to explain why USAA's lending limits have changed. In anticipation of a possible recession, USAA needs to ensure it is appropriately protecting the financial security of members; therefore, USAA is taking actions to tighten credit. While you may not have been financially affected, many USAA members are affected, and it is important for USAA to provide a standardized offer to protect our membership during this time. I understand this is not what you were looking for. USAA needs to ensure it is appropriately protecting the financial security of all members and the association. We continually look for ways to improve our products and services so they are of the highest quality for our members. Thank you for taking the time to send your feedback.