I am posting this to generate as much interest among USAA members as possible to seek change in a positive manner, hoping that USAA’s leadership will recognize the immense benefit to its members’ retirement financial review/planning process and ultimately provide the financial information addressed below as part of the ROTH IRA Mutual Fund Statements.


In the last 15 years (every 5 years), I have suggested and requested that USAA include in the Investment Account Statement for ROTH IRAs the “Unrealized Gain/Loss” information, similar to the information provided on regular mutual fund Investment Account Statements. The information includes the cumulative totals for “Unrealized gain/(loss)” - “Quantity” / “Market Value” / “Total Basis” / “Gain/(Loss)” - for the life of the mutual fund account.


On regular mutual fund account statements the information is listed next to the “Personal Performance” information at the bottom of the page prior to the page listing the “Activity” information. However, it is not provided on ROTH IRA Mutual Funds account statements. USAA considers the “Unrealized gain/(loss)” information of great value to its members in reviewing the performance of regular mutual funds. It should be considered of even greater financial management value for retirement accounts and also be provided in the ROTH IRA mutual funds statements. The information is vital in assessing the ROTH IRA Mutual Funds performance in achieving long term/retirement goals.


USAA has provided various reasons for not including the information in the ROTH IRA Mutual Funds statements, but none outweighs the facts - It is feasible, already provided on similar accounts, and above all of tremendous financial value for its members.


I encourage all members with ROTH IRA Mutual Funds as part of their long term/retirement plans to contact USAA on this matter.


Thanks to all for serving our great nation!


I concur! Great post! I have to give them a call anyway and I will vocalize this in the conversation.

Dear RVR,

Thank you for posting your request for a change in the way we send ROTH IRA Mutual Fund Statements. I have shared your feedback and encourage anyone else who would like to share their thoughts on this matter (or anything else on your mind) with us here in this community, or  if you would like an additional outlet, feel free to send us a message here.


Thank you again for posting.

Ms. Hartzell,


Thanks for your prompt acknowledgment. Greatly appreciate someone at USAA looking into this issue and providing a response or way ahead of how it may be accomplished for members’ benefit.

Have a great day!!