At the advice of USAA rep, I was encouraged to advise my 21 year old daughter to open a credit card to add to her checking to begin her own persoanl financial life.   She applied and recieved a credit card in November.  She never used the card - to this day.  However, we were recently alerted to a 30 day late on her account!  We called USAA immediately and were told there was a $8 charge FOR DELIVERING THE CREDIT CARD - which we knew nothing about!  That charge went on the credit card account, and with no awareness from her (she felt she has no reason to check an accont where she's never used the card) .  So a charge from USAA became a late fee AND WORSE A 30 DAY LATE ON HER CREDIT REPORT!  We called, and they told us to apeal.  "Obviously, it should be no problem" we were told.  The appeal came back by mail rejected and they will not even put anyone on the phone to discuss this! 

I've been a member for 27 years!    I have multiple perfect accounts with USAA - 4 cars, boat, savings, credit cards, checking - They won't even discuss the fact that they screwed my daughter with a 30 day late mark for a charge they put on the account that whe was unaware of.  How simple, right?  Nope.  Now, my 21 year old has a 30 day late as the very first thing ever recorded on her credit report.   SCREW YOU USAA - I've never been so mad, tricked, manipulated in my life. 


@GodBless2020, we are saddened to read about the experience with your daughter's credit card.  We certainly want to have this reviewed.  We appreciate you taking time to make us aware of what happened. 

this has definitely cought my attention. I am much like you. I currently have 6 vehicles, a wave runner, trailer and a home insured with USAA. i pay them a handsome sum of money each month for insurance in which I have never used in the entire time I have had them. The one time I did consider cashing in on my home owners insurance policy because of a leaking roof that caused damage to my homes interior ceiling; USAA sent an inspector out that said there was no exterior damage yet the next time it rained my ceiling ballooned up big time and almost wore a hole through my ceiling. The drywall was exceptionally soft to the touch. I got up on the rooftop to check it out for myself since I used to build homes. Come to find out there was a boot that had completely wasted away from an exhauset pipe. I; like you, was so mad. Now I have bigger damage that I had to fix on my own because USAA did not step up and fix what was clearly the problem. Didn't need to be a builder to see the problem. Has USAA become a company like all the rest? For profit only? I would like to think they are taking care of those of us who put ourselves out there on the front line. I have kept quite about my situation for a long time because I want to believe they are working on our behalf. All I can say is shame on you USAA for taking advantage of a young lady like that. Those of us who are trying to teach the younger generation the right way and to take responsibility for our lines of credit will not/ should not tolerate a company who is going to undermine those of us who do right by you month after month. I have been considering  shopping around for new insurance because of price and my personal experience with USAA. Now that I have heard your story I just may act on that thought. You now have competition USAA. Wake up! Better start doing right by us veterans and our children.