Im a CPA and have been using Quicken for many years.  Quicken can no longer locate my USAA signature Visa credit card.  USAA has also removed the link to download transactions into Quicken mannually.  Has anyone else had and/or been able to resolve these problems?


Hi @307Bandit! Thank you for reaching out. We are aware of some of the hiccups our members have been experiencing with Quicken. Here's some troubleshooting steps you can try to see if it helps:

Steps to Troubleshoot Quicken Connection

Step 1: If you're having trouble creating or retrieving your Access ID and PIN you can do that here:


Step 2: Go back to Quicken Direct Connect and enter your Access ID and Access PIN. Use Quicken’s support flow to help you get started


If you're still having some trouble, you can reach out to our Website Support team at 877-632-3003, stating Technical Support when prompted. They'll see if they can get you back up and running. I hope this helps! ~Holland