Quicken duplicates

For a little while I've been seeing duplicate transactions when downloading from USAA to Quicken.


I might download transactions to Quicken but when I do my next download, often the next day, the same transactions will download again.


I survived the download process changes last month.  This started happening fairly recently.


Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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I am getting some duplicates as well but only on  deposits - when I download there is a pending transaction and then a completed transaction.  I've been dealing with it by deleteing the pending transaction when I see tht the completed transaction is deposited. 


I have been having duplicate transactions alerts in the "My Alerts and Actions" app on the website which can also send duplicate emails. I am using a laptop and not the mobile app which I have never used and never plan to. I have randomly been having problems getting my available balance alerts, checking withdrawal alerts, debit card withdrawal alerts, and transfer deposit alerts for 5 years now, since they updated the old website to the new responsive type website. The duplicate transactions are a new trick the system learned and this started for me on 5/29/21 with a duplicate debit card withdrawal email from a purchase at a Publix store. The first email came in real time when the purchase was made in the afternoon, the second email came after 1:30 a.m. which caused me to become alarmed and thought my husbands debit card had been skimmed when he payed at Publix, but after investigating I found that the alert and email were duplicates of the same transaction but it did not duplicate the amount of money withdrawn from the account fortunately.

USAA reps initially want to blame these errors or glitches on our systems and ask questions like what browser and email do I use. When was the last time I restarted my computer or cleared the cookies. I tell them that the My Alerts and Actions list/app/system does not generate the alerts and therefore I do not get the emails and you can see them missing or duplicated on the website in the app. I found out in June the reps cannot see this list.

I called in May, June and July over the missing/duplicate alerts issue and kept mentioning the same ticket. I found out In June they were doing nothing with the ticket primarily BECAUSE THEY CANNOT SEE THE "MY ALERTS AND ACTIONS" list due to some ridiculous privacy issues, so they cannot fix what they cannot see.

The list is very basic Time/Date and message {available Balance, Withdrawal etc.}. If you click on each alert it gives you the details, time/date, amount, last 4 #s of the account, and place of purchase. I have to give reps the last 4 of my account and debit card numbers all the time so I don't know why this is a privacy concern.

So I painstakingly print screened and PDF'ed website images of the list and the alert emails to document the lack of system generated alerts and finally they assigned Anna E. {I have her full name and extension if USAA would like this info}to the issue and she said it was some sort of UPSTREAM error which I Googled and cannot find info on. This was back in June of 2021. They were suppose to fix it but on 8/3/21 when someone called from the CEO's office and did not have the foresight to leave a message I called to see who had called and why. I had been trying to find out why they were eliminating Deposit@Home.

When I called I had been putting in fence posts in the Florida heat and was absolutely filthy and was not going to sit down to look at emails for the authentication code so I decided to have a USAA rep authenticate me with my debit card info. The rep said she could not authenticate me because the SYSTEM would not let her and I had to call back. I demanded to speak to a supervisor and she refused. I gave her all of my personal info, including my fathers name and rank as a Colonel and still no authentication. Needless to say I was in a rage.

I then cleaned up, left my fence project unfinished which was not acceptable, and called back. I logged onto USAA while on another long hold and saw that the Alerts and Actions had duplicated 5 transactions, withdrawals, from that same checking account with the same debit card info that could not be authenticated by the system. This time the duplicates were only on the website and did not generate duplicate emails.

There is something seriously wrong with the "system" and I am tired of wasting so much time documenting everything and arguing with USAA reps, and spending endless hours on the phone trying to get this fixed. Our alerts are our front line of protection against Identity Theft and Fraud so it would be really nice if USAA Decision Makers could take this issue seriously and finally have someone figure out exactly what is going on and completely fix it, 5 years of escalating malfunction is ridiculous. And if this malfunction is the nature of the computer code beast and cannot be fixed then be considerate and let every single USAA employee know, along with every single customer, so none of us ignorantly depend on the alert system. And since I don't use Quicken I cannot imagine what kind of mess that is to deal with, or how far this mess extends into other programs and systems.


I'm sorry to hear that the issues you have with the alerts and notifications haven't yet been resolved, @EconomicExasperation. I have forwarded this to the team that handles this area of the business. I do show that this was addressed previously, so I'll add those details to the new case I'm sending over. Please be aware that the Subject Matter Experts in this area are not in the office overnights or during the weekends, but they will have these details in the morning. Please allow sufficient time to complete the research and review the results. In the meantime, I hope you have a great night and an enjoyable weekend. - Cathleen 

@usaasocialservices: the post from economicexasperation hijacks the thread about Quicken duplicates... which has yet to be resolved. It should be moved to a separate post. Some of us are still following the thread about Quiken duplicates in hopes (probably futile) that it will be corrected.

As of 8/25/21 I am still getting duplicate downloads like the other users. When I worked at USAA in the technology department you would never see the bac and forth of "it's fixed now" and "oh it's not fixed now."  The testing area needs to be using the right tools i.e. various 3rd party apps to complete testing any fix including regression testing. The API should also be shared with the various 3rd party developers which doesn't look like that happened either. Here is a cut-and-paste of another forum which has over 14 pages of user responses to this duplicate download issue, not including the 24 pages of user responses to the original issue starting in January 2021 when USAA changed the download process to enable the Quicken monopoly. Please remember the quote from several of our CEO's: "Knowlege is not power; sharing knowledge is power!"

Please fix and escalate the priority of this 7 month USAA created issue!

Can't download USAA transactions

Ben Clauss's AvatarBen Clauss

Jan 27, 2021 @ 07:40 PM

I'm unable to connect to USAA credit card accounts and download transactions. This has always worked fine prior to today. My last successful download was on 1/7/21. I've tried upgrading to the latest version of moneydance, both regular and beta (3034), I've tried resetting the connections nothing has worked so far.


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  1. 391 Posted by wbbonneriii on Jun 29, 2021 @ 11:13 AM

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    All, fyi I just spoke to USAA regarding the duplicate CC transactions and it looks like they have committed to fix it by July.

  2. 392 Posted by dtd on Jul 08, 2021 @ 03:57 PM

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    Just as a note - we are near the six month point for USAA. USAA tends to download six months of data (given they have changed the FITID numbers, you now get duplicates).

    That said July 26th will be six months since USAA pulled the trigger on their change.

    So if you like completeness (i.e. verified transactions) you may want to think about making the fix soon. Personally, I say you should do whatever satisfies you, but thought I'd point out that six months is nigh.

  3. 393 Posted by jenkins007 on Aug 24, 2021 @ 06:09 AM

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    I am still having "issues" with the USAA downloads... Duplicates are downloading and transactions have "0" for check number. Attached are some screen shots.

  4. 394 Posted by dtd on Aug 24, 2021 @ 08:24 PM

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    Yes, these are both problems with what USAA now downloads. The only people to complain to is USAA itself - as they are the ones doing this.

    The 0 in the check number is simply what they now put in the OFX file download.

    The duplicates is a problem that has been happening (especially in credit cards) for months. Quicken users are complaining about this too, but USAA seems to ignore the issues


I appreciate your follow up on this ongoing issue, @MatthewJenkins. I have submitted your feedback to the technical team that's working on the website and the improvements that are currently under way. Please don't hesitate to forward any other feedback, suggestions or ideas you come up with. I hope you have a great day. - Cathleen 

Obviously USAA has made some changes to try and remedy the duplicate download problem. Unfortunately, they have created more problems. The duplicate download issue still exists, but is more random. I download credit card transactions every day but some days there are actually no duplicates. However, there are now missing transactions nearly every day. After a download, my Quicken balance and on-line balance rarely match and I have to go through and find which transactions are missing. Typically, those missing transactions will download the next day. It is really strange that the missiing transactions will have the same posted date as some transactions that did download.


USAA either doesn't understand or doesn't care how disappointing this is to customers. (Should say members but not sure I still want to be one.) My wife was a computer programmer for a major bank. If they had made a change that had the adverse impact on customers that USAA's changes have had, heads would have rolled. This whole issue has been going on for months. In what world is that acceptable?

I appreciate the feedback on the Quicken downloads, @Deriter, and understand how frustrating it is when something doesn't work as expected. As I don't have any other information on this for you, I'll forward to the technical team that's working on the updates. I will also forward this to a Subject Matter Expert that can research the issue further for you. Please be aware - the Subject Matter Experts aren't in the office overnights, and will require time to complete and review the research results. - Cathleen 

I'm seeing the same issues Deriter mentions above...the "duplicate credit card transaction issue" that started this thread...plus now issues with reconciliation where the downloaded account balance doesn't jive with the transactions that were downloaded.  The reconcilation problem fixes itself usually the next time I download, but the duplicate transactions continue to be the major pain...requiring us to DELETE one of the duplicates in order to remain in balance.   


I've lost count of how many times I have spoken with the Tech Support folks over this since March...each time having to explain the problem all over again (which is absolutely ridiculous).   

Hi @JAG27. I can understand your frustration with this, especially since it's been ongoing for some time. I've elevated the information you've provided to the appropriate team for consideration. I appreciate you bringing this to us today. ~Holland

As a 35+ year member and retired employee of USAA, I am so disappointed in USAA that they have allowed this problem to continue for over 7 months now.   Yes...it started at the end of January, based on data that I can produce.   This particular thread goes back to March, but people were complaining prior to that.  I have spoken with the Tech Support folks many times, and no progress has been made, which leads me to believe that no one is actually working on it (as many have suggested in this forum before).   Rather than replying to me with, "I  understand your frustration"...or "I will escalate your concerns to the appropriate people"...how about talking with your supervisors first, have them contact their supervisors, get this issue in front of someone who can  actually contact me to discuss what is being done to resolve it, and THEN reply to me with something like, "You will be contacted by a person from the I.T. area working on this defect."  Any other reply is a waste of your time (sorry to have to say that, but it is honestly true).   I want to know if USAA actually intends to fix this problem...or if it has been deemed unfixable or such a low priority that it is not being looked at.     


This is not the experience we want for you and I'm sorry to know you're still experiencing these issues using Quicken. Here is some information from their website support tab, you may find helpful. 

I will engage the appropriate area to review your concerns as well. 


~ Lori C

9/10/21 9:45 AM


I just got a call from Jennifer from the CEO's office.  She told me that a fix went in on August 2, 2021 but some members are still having problems.


She also told me that someone from USAA web support will contact me within 5 business days.

10/13/21 4:56 PM EDT


On September 10 I got a call from Jennifer from the CEO's office.  She told me that a fix went in on August 2, 2021 but some members are still having problems.


She also told me that someone from USAA web support will contact me within 5 business days.


It's now been almost 25 busines days and I still haven't received that call and I'm still getting duplicates.


If USAA can't fix the problem can't they at least make a promised call to a customer?



Oct 28, 2001  8:23 AM


still getting duplicates.  USAA is working on the fix, right?

10/28/21 3:23 PM


I just got yet another call from yet another person in USAA CEO's office, Rachel.  According to her I had a conversion with someone with USAA web support team on September 16.  That didn't happen and I said so in my post from approximately 2 weeks ago.


Rachel promised me yet another call within 2 business days.


Someone at USAA needs to take ownership of the problem and do whatever's necessary to fix the problem.  Seven months is about seven times longer than what it should take to fix the problem, assuming that USAA really wants to fix the problem.


If I were USAA I'd be embarrased.

October 29, 2021 10:50 AM


got another duplicate today

October 30, 2021 11:33 AM


received yet another call from a different person, Ashley, in USAA CEO's office yesterday at 12:29 PM EDT. More evidence that no one at USAA is managing this problem.


Ashley promised me that I would receive a call. Earlier this week Rachel promised me that I would receive a call by EOB Monday, November 1.


If USAA would just fix the problem Ashley, Rachel and all the others who have called me from the CEO's office could do something else.

Nov 2 2021 6:55 AM 

Yesterday I finally got a call from a USAA support person, Aaliyah, to discuss the Quicken download problem that has now been going on for at least seven months.  
I guess this is the call that had been promised by September 17.
She told me that a fix had gone in but that some customers were still having problems.  
She requested that I send USAA a Quicken log file.  She didn't say so but I assumed that she wanted a log file that included a download session that resulted in duplicates.
My Quicken log file began with July 2021 so I had to find a date that I knew included a duplicate session in that large file.  I also had to remove information that didn't pertain to a USAA download.
Quicken creates a plain text (.txt) file but the USAA upload function won't accept a plain text file.  That's bizarre. I converted the text file to doc format and uploaded.
When I asked when I might be getting an update and asked for the worst case she said "months" but it could be days.


Nov 10, 2021 10:11 AM EST

I got a voicemail from USAA on November 8 at 5:27 PM, asking me to call them about the Quicken problem. 


I returned the call that evening and spoke to Marilyn in web support. 


Marilyn didn't have any update but referred to the supposed fix that had gone in on August 2.  I explained to Marilyn that I was still getting errors and had gotten one as recently as October 29. 


I told her that USAA had asked me to upload a Quicken log to them last week.  Marilyn didn't see anything that mentioned the log upload, much less the status of what had been done with the log.


I asked her to find out what had happened with the log file.


All together the call was a waste of time and another indication that this problem isn't being properly managed.


It has now been eight months since I first contacted USAA about this problem.