after one false start following the instructions (Windows) where I got additional accounts with existing accounts not updated despite selecting "link to accounts"  I restored from a backup and started over.  When you get to the point where it's asking you to link to existing account which I think is the default - go in to each one and make sure it's linking to the same account in Quicken as some appear to be inaccurate.  If it's wrong you are able to select the correct account.  Once I did that all went well

This is where I am getting stuck...guess it is timing out on me. I can't get my accounts to download. It just keeps giving me the "opps somthing went wrong...but its not your fault error" So I haven't been able to use Quicken for at least a week since this all started. Does anyone have an update on when this will be resolved? Or other steps we can take to resolved it ourselves...

So I am back to the non~downloading situation again as well. I did the changeover and it worked...for a day. Now I am back to square one. I too find it very DISAPPOINTING that USAA has fumbled this. I have been with them about 54 years and have had reasonably good service. Why was it that you don't notify us that this is oll goobered up before we waste time trying to get it to work, then find that you have messed things up but didn't bother to let us know in advance. Do you think our time is so invaluable that you can't have the courtesy to inform us? You have a big PR problem. Consumer Reports would be interested in hearing about this. 

BTW, the "I Heart USAA" definitely does not apply here.

You are so right on that music! They have made hearing "U S A A" cringeworthy!


Back to not working again... now getting OL-294-A error code.  Not good.

C2CO - Sorry to hear you are having difficulty. We are unable to troubleshoot errors via this forum. Please call our technical team at 877-632-3002 and say "technical support" at the prompt. Thanks, Jason