Similar problem. I can get to the point of linkage but the two account numbers are ones I don't recognize. So I tried linking anyway and ended up downloading hundreds of transactions since last August into a different quicken account for a credit card I canceled a year ago. Tried moving recent transactions to correct quicken account and naturally that balance is all screwed up. So I have reverted to a backup copy and waiting this out a few days in hopes...  Have lost faith in USAA bank over past several years. Insurance side is great though.

Don't hold your breath for a resolution from usaa.


I used to use Quicken with my usaa accounts. Then usaa fubared access.


I've since stopped using Quicken and have been moving all my financial accounts away from usaa.


Bail while the bailing is good.

Well I can only speak for my usaa account information inside quicken - from another post....


So after spending almost 2 hours on hold yesterday bc of the quicken/USAA debacle - quicken and usaa have changed the way you log in inside quicken and charged the download format - and in the process forced usaa customers to give quicken / intuit  access to,your usaa info. Quicken process had directed me to get the new USAA ID and pin to only be used w/ usaa  redentials inside of quicken - I kept getting the timeout error on the side. I tried 1 last time late last night and got the pin and Id. I was able to log in, link my accounts and get access to my info. In Quicken.      BUT.......


This new process makes you agree to share ALL your info w/ quicken - USAA cell and home numbers, address , email, etc....    WHAT ARE THINKING USAA?!?  

I don't give my cell to all, nor my regular email, etc.  To force its sharing in order to use Quicken , in my opinion , is a big breech of customer trust. How much did you all make for this trade?


I tried also to check the option, share only some info( was not told which though) , and I was unable to get the PW and Id. Not until you agree to share all do you get them. 

Ive gone back and revoked the share info w/ quicken in my usaa profile and am now unable to use quicken with my usaa account. This is no good!

 I am having the same problem and have wasted 3 hours trying to overcome this problem caused by USAA without warning.

If USAA "knows what it means to serve" they have started ignoring the needs of those they are serving as they move more to serving themselves. No web help for the problem. Just a one hour wait on the phone hold. Disrespectful and with no regard for the needs of the membership. A big decline from what my experience has been for the past 40 years. Shame on USAA. 

 I am using Quicken R31.8.  I found I could get past Activate if I chose the "Start Over" button after the first error on the first attempt.


I also linked one account at a time to an existing as the numbers that were displayed from USAA did not match the current account numbers.  This was trial and error.  (This requires backups in case the account is mislinked.)


I also found that Quicken got stuck, Task Manager would not kill, and only Restart would kill.Step 4_LI.jpg

I disconnected and reconnected my accounts within Quicken, and have had success since then. One new result in Quicken is that you will be asked for a security code, just as with a regular login to the USAA website. After reconnecting accounts, the listed financial institution is "USAA Federal Savings Bank - New". It takes considerably longer to download transactions from the bank after this change. Also, several transactions were removed from the account ledgers in Quicken. I had to find and replace them.


It would have been nice to have had a heads up that this change was coming, but that probably wouldn't have changed the amount of effort needed to update Quicken. It helped a lot to back up Quicken before proceeding with the transition; I had to restore a backup and start over once as I worked through this.


I think it would be great if USAA.COM users could have the option to deactivate the extra website security measures, if they so choose. I don't see that this extra security is necessary in Quicken.


Appears I got it working late last night.  I finally stopped getting timed out and was able to get through to get the unique access ID and unique PIN (different than my normal sign on) and from there I was able to reactivate my accounts.  Although I never got a call back from tech support I did receive a USAA message saying that Quicken had been connected to my account... whether that was before or after I got in I do not know.  There are still some problems with accounts that I will have to deal with that will take time to resolve, but it appears that I am at least able to download from USAA to Quicken.   

This is the biggest fiasco I've ever seen dealing with the USAA/Quicken operation since the 1990s.  Why weren't we notified about the USAA server change and how to update Quicken?  And why, when Quicken has clear instructions as to how to deactivate and reconnect Direct Connect, can I STILL not connect the accounts after three times?  This has been going on for several days and  my Quicken records are in a complete mess.  This is unacceptable.

I have felt much of the pain described here. When I'm lucky, I get the 504 Gateway Timeout. Most of the time, I see only:


"error": "invalid_request",
"error_description": "Validation error"

I think the one glaring omission in the observations here is just how #$%&! annoying the USAA hold music is. On the plus side, it's about as helpful as the tech support and about as well thought out as the roll out plan.

I still can't download my transactions in Quicken. I have okayed access persmissions, used the USAA from entering in the text field rather than the icon, got the new code and pin, switched from default to Direct Connect.