Yes, that would be wonderful. Too bad it's >60 minute wait to talk to anyone!

Ditto. I have successfully reconnected to Quicken with the new Access ID and PIN, but cannot download transactions. I have been working on this for over 2 days now. Calling in to USAA tech support involves an hour long wait each time and then a discussion with a person who knows little to nothing about Quicken connection. I have an open ticket with USAA level 2 (number INC5405047) but no response from them. USAA, please put some priority on this - I depend on you to handle my finances. Please at least post what you know and a status on I need my transactions!!

Have been successful two consecutive days with downloads after running into issues after account activation due to USAA security change. Fingers crossed it's ok. Didn't have issue with redundant transactions once I figured out to use a prior backup file and to make sure I linked to the correct accounts in both Quicken and USAA.

Same thing is happening to me.  It worked a few days ago.  Now Quicken says to contact USAA because USAA Bank does not recognize me.  Also, the instructions called it USAA Credit Union in one place.