Was able to update my USAA accounts (new login credentials) via Quicken two days ago after several attempts. Today I cannot connect. After a long delay I get error message OL 297A which seems to be an internet connect problem. However, no issue with connecting at two other banks. Anyone have same issue? Ideas?


I'm having continuous downloading / syncing problems with Moneydance since last Wednesday. I've reached out to InfiniteKind.com for their support but now I'm thinking it's USAA that we need to fix this.


Yes I think the issue is with USAA since I can connect and update/download from two other institurions without problem. Crickets at  USAA

Hi @Bosoxfan1947,  you may contact our support team at 877-632-3002.  We will be happy to help you with Moneydance. 

Same Error here. USAA now has issues with Quicken. Someone messed up their SDLC really really badly. These companies must have outsourced their IT departments. :)

Do you read these? My issue relates to Quicken and it seems the real problem is USAA since Quicken works with other banks,

Hi there and thank you for your follow-up message. In our prior response we asked for you to please contact our Website Support Team at 877-632-3002 so we can assist you. Thank you so much and we look forward to speaking with you!

Dont waste your time calling that number (877-632-3002). It is the master main menu for all of USAA and you will never get to anyone that can help with Quicken Log In errors.  To the USAA Rep recommending this, shame on you. It is no help.


I would not recommend deactivating your account at this point. I did that a couple days ago and logged back in with the new ID/Password.  This process will download duplicates of your last 6 months of transaactions which throws your register and balances awry.


As of this post, the Quicken program cannot reach the USAA servers (OL 297A error) which since USAA is using Direct Connect, the error seemingly is with USAA servers.


Since this community is not seen by many, doubt USAA is aware, cares., or understands the magnitude of the issue.



I was told by USAA Technical Support minutes ago that the problem that I had yesterday downloading into Quicken is a USAA problem which is what Quicken told me after spending 2.5 hours on the phone with them yesterday.


USAA told me that the problem is being worked by USAA but they have no idea when probem will be resolved.


USAA needs to do these things:


1. Reinstate a chat option.  Lately hold times have been 30-60 minutes.


2. Fix Secure Messaging.  It didn't work yesterday.  It still doesn't work.


3. Offer a callback so customer doesn't have to wait on hold for who knows how long.


4. Update Quicken instructions on usaa.com.  It doesn't reflect recent changes.  


5. usaa.com Quicken page could have been updated to warn customers of current problem.  That would have saved a lot of people hours of frustration.


6. Offer alternative download method. All my other financial institutions offer some alternative download.

Agree with other posts. Don't waste your time calling the 877-632-3002 number. After waiting on hold for 40 minutes I shared my ongoing Quicken issues (OL error resolved, but now only 5 of 6 accounts sync) and was told I needed to contact the Quicken team. Was transferred (without being told what the number actually is) only to hear that the wait time for this group is 1 hour and 25 minutes. Why is this number listed in Quicken when it's not even the Quicken team. 


Not sure what the problem is at USAA, but it's not the same company as 5-10, or even 30 years ago when I opened my first account. Service over the past 2 years has been no different or often worse than other banks, e.g. long waits, wrong information, representatives that can't help are now the norm.