Quicken Downloads from Victory Capital accounts via USAA

You have arbitrarily turned off the ability to use Quicken to download transactions on a SEP-IRA account, managed through USAA's website, and held by Victory Capital.

My understanding is that Victory Capital doesn't have this capability, but you have turned off the feature anyway? Why would you turn off a feature affecting thousands of USAA members who use Quicken to manage their financial life?

Turn this feature back on immediately and keep it on until Victory Capital can offer this Quicken transaction downloads. There should be NO GAP in this service/feature.

This is SERIOUS. If you won't turn this feature on, I will be forced to move my account to another brokerage firm that understands how important Quicken support is. I went through something like this when you transitioned to NFS -- I was without Quicken downloads for months, and I will not do this again.

I await your response. If you can't resolve this, part of your response should be a contact for me to call to escalate this issue.

Thanks, and I do hope you're listening. 


Hello @ CO-Mike. I am very sorry to hear of the issues you are having. I have forwarded your inquiry to a subject matter expert for further review. -Colleen

I share in his pain; doing something that is not support is not customer service