Direct Connect through Quicken is not working this morning, 5/9/15.  Just spoke with Jim in the tech department and they are becoming aware of and working on the issue.  Just wanted to let everyone know instead of waiting for phone assistance.  Also asked them to post updates to website and/or member boards.


Thanks for posting - I waited on the phone for 15 minutes to find out what you posted.  USAA has had this issue on other occassions.  My other financial service providers don't have this issue only USAA.

 I don't understand why this issue affects USAA and  not other institutions.  Perhaps someone from USAA could explain why that is the case.

Same for Direct Connect for iBank. Awaiting the system to go up.

I'm getting really tired of the bs by USAA. I'm a 30 year customer and I am looking to go somewhere else. 

This is killing me--I can't connect either.  I have been a 24+ year member of PENFED and was told the service here was the best.  If this doesn't clear up, I am going back to PENFED.  I am *TIRED* of this AND ONLY THIS bank having problems with quicken. 

USAA fix it *SOON* or I assure you, I won't be the only guy leaving the bank.

About 4:30 Eastern and system is still done. Hope it is fixed soon. This happens way too often.

That's funny. We just moved all our accounts except checking to PenFed. I like it. We're testing both to see which one gets our checking and credit card business. There, I have to download more manually than I do at USAA but at least I can download without a hitch. Since we depend heavily on Quicken it has been tough for quite some time to be happy with USAA's Quicken connections. I could not get USAA's checking transactions to repeatedly stop downloading after having been accepted numerous times. The brokerage accounts...well, I stopped struggling and moved the IRA accounts and CD's.
Every financial institution has some bad techno days. Every customer has different patience limits. Cut 'em some slack until your limit is totally reached. Then, bail.

Its now up and running as of 0700 EST.  Good luck to all!

This is ridiculous! It is down again! 10:05 on 19 May 2015. What is the problem USAA? Computer code doesn't break its self. When is USAA goin to fix this?????