So I just made this account ok transfered some money over I did this about 5 days ago I guess let's say a week and the money is still on hold I don't want to transfer all my money if it's going to be on hold I have to pay bills when will it be taken off hold?


USAA had some issues with fraud awhile ago. People were opening accounts and doing now a day check kiting. They opened account with another fake account or false account transferred money that had not truly cleared and kept going, growing their stock pile larger each time.
You should be able to use a debit card to transfer, and once you are a verified customer and your other account verified, it won't be as long.
We transfer money into another account regularly and it takes 3-5 days depending on holidays or weekends.

Hi Jay Judge,

Thank you for your question. If you send us a message here, we can get a banking specialist to look into why your funds are on hold and give you an explanation about how the holds work and what you can expect in the future. Thank you for commenting!