Questionnaire "Required by Law" & CEO Member Relations

I live and work overseas and my only real, and convenient, access to USAA is online.  The last week in October I was logging on to the mobile app and got a page that said; so that "USAA could better serve my needs," I was "required by law" to complete a questionnaire.  The page said I could bypass the questionnaire 3 times, but I would then be locked out of my accounts until I completed the questionnaire.  Curious, I began the questionnaire.  It wanted to know where my money was coming from, what my total net worth was, how I intended use my money, whether or not anyone in my family was an “important foreign political figure,” and whether or not I was going to get or send “International Money Transfers.”   


Has anyone else gotten been hit with this questionnaire?  


To be clear, I work overseas for a foreign company and send USAA money transfers from my overseas bank account every month, so they already know I do that!  I’m also married to an foreign national and have sent money from USAA (accounts which my spouse is also named on BTW) to my spouse’s overseas banking account, and have had to call USAA to make the “International” transfers happen.  So, they already know I have done that too, and have records of those transactions.


I was pretty upset about this, after all, how is any of this USAA's business?  So, I called USAA on Nov 1st and, after wasting 30 to 40 of my phone plan “International minutes,” finally got to speak with “John” (he never gave me his last name) at CEO Member Relations.  I asked John, why I was being made to complete the questionnaire, why it was “required by law," asked him to provide the law code number (which he didn't have handy) to research it myself, and asked him how could USAA restrict me access to my accounts?  John had no answer! (Shock)  He wanted a number so he could “escalate” my complaint to someone else that would call me back.  A conversation ensured, during which I let him know I was in a time zone 10 hours earlier than San Antonio and that they would have to call me back at a foreign phone number.  John said USAA would not call a foreign number, so I gave him my email address.  John told me that USAA would get back to me with answers as soon as possible.  Today is Nov 9th in TX, Nov 10th where I am, and still nothing from John or CEO Member Relations.  I guess a response within a reasonable amount of time wasn't possible! 


The morning of Nov 9th TX time I began online chats with USAA.  The rep, Dorian H., ended the first one because I was taking too long to answer the question he asked and assumed I was no longer online. The second was not ended prematurely.  In both chats I requested “John” at CEO Member Relations, or anyone from that office, get back to me NLT COB Nov 9th with answers to the questions I’d asked on, and had been awaiting answers for, since Nov 1st.  Or at the very least, the courtesy of a “we haven't forgotten you, we are working on it” email.    As of this time, and after another online chat with someone who was very nice but completely unhelpful, I have heard NOTHING, not one word, from John or anyone at CEO Member Relations!


For the record, I am a retired U.S. Army Officer, have been a member of USAA since 1984, have all of my Insurance needs placed with USAA, and a substantial 6 figures of money on account with USAA FSB.


Is this any way to treat a good, loyal and long term customer?   


@SabreTrooper, I'm sorry you have not heard back from us in regards to your concerns about the survey. I have shared your situation with a colleague. They will review further and reach out to you as soon as possible. I appreciate your continued patience. - Janay



Today is Nov 15th.  My original post, which you replied to, was on Nov 10th.  You are now the 4th person at USAA to tell me someone at USAA would get back to me "as soon as possible."  The first one was about 3 weeks ago.  Just how soon is "as soon as possible" in USAA speak?  Hopefully, you can see why I'm losing faith in USAA and them doing things "as soon as possible."




Paul Petrash

In short NO. This is not the way at all.


You are right, it is not a good way to treat the people who own your company but at USAA it is becoming more common.


SabreTrooper - I've been a USAA member since the early 90s, becuase my father was in the Air Force.  Their service has always been excellent for me, and I use USAA for almost everything they offer.  It's worth it.  But I see this questionaire as well and I'm on the line with them.


USAA - This is unusual for you.  The phrase "required by law" is in the text, and no law is referenced.  If this were a law required to protect consumers privacy and security, I would expect full transparency on the requiremnts.  After all - these requirements were not in place when I opened my account, were they?  IF something has changed in the terms, then I would expect to be notified.


However, if the law does not apply to consumer protection, privacy or security, then what is this law about?  How is it that no representative has been prepped to answer this?  For some normal big companty that does cold transfers from department to department this would be normal. But for USAA?  Unusual.  I can call USAA and have a question about banking, insurance and buying a house, and this will happen: 1. the banking person will take care of my banking questions, transfer me to the insurance depeartment and prep them for my next quesitons.

@Justin Haynes, Thank you for reaching out Justin. I am forwarding your concerns. Thank you. ~Tom

USAA, what has changed?  I have sent money several times over seas and all I needed to do was print out the questions you were going to ask, fill out the questionnaire, then call the number given and when the questions were asked I gave the information.  A couple of days later the money was in their account.  Today I went looking for that questionnaire and number and couldn’t find it.  I’m overseas on a computer and will need to send money again shortly.


Has this service stopped, where can I get the information to transfer money from my USAA account to an overseas account?

Yelgan - You should still have the option to wire funds to an overseas account. YOu can find the questions by searching for "wire transfer." International or Foreign Exchange wires must be requested by phone. Requests received by 3:30 p.m. CT, Monday through Friday, are processed the same business day by 4 p.m. We don't accept requests after 3:30 p.m. CT, so please call back the next business day. You will have a 30-minute window to cancel an international or foreign exchange wire after the request has been made. 


There is a $20 fee for sending a domestic wire transfer and $45 fee for an international wire transfer. The recipient may contact the receiving financial institution to determine if there are any fees for incoming wire transfer.


For more information, contact our wire specialists at 210-531-USAA (8722) or our mobile shortcut #8722. If you need to avoid long-distance charges, call 800-531-8722. I hope this helps. - Jason

Hi,the same thing is happening to me and I am active duty assigned overseas. I am very upset as this doesn't seem legal to me with no cited legal reference, not any other info I can find online. I assume I'm going to have to switch banks when I get back. I'll read the rest of the posts but if I don't start getting answers I'm going to consider changing my bank sooner.