Quicken software has proven itself to be the most accepted software across down-loadable financial institutions. I have used this on USAA for about 15 years through upgrades and security system changes. Chase, Citi, USAA, BOA, Paypal, Wells Fargo and MORE all integrate my accounting on QUICKEN. There will always be necessary resets in the security systems. Highly recommend QUICKEN. USAA needs to keep its IT desk available and stable during significant changes to the interfacing of download issues.


Nope.  I dropped Quicken years ago due to their abysmal "support" for Mac users.  My bank will not dictate which software I must use to conenct via industry-standard protocols.  Today, USAA lost a multi-decade customer because of this complete disaster - they changed download protocols with no notice to customers or 3rd party vendors.  They've remained silent, now a week after this fiasco started.  And when I finally got in contact with tech support, they wouldn't even acknowledge this was a self-inflicted wound, and refused to help with any product other than Quicken.


This is a technical and customer relations debacle which could've been avoided with proper planning and clear communication.


Hopefully someone gets fired over this.

NoNicknameReally - I regret hearing you feel this way, but I appreciate the feedback. Your comments will help us improve future service. - Jason

I'm happy Quicken works for you, but the reality is it is not an option for many of us for a number of reasons

@jg80, I'm saddened to learn that you began the process of moving your accounts to a new bank today. After almost 25 years with USAA, we certainly don't want to lose your business. I'm sharing your feedback with the appropriate folks at USAA. ~DC 

You seem to be sad about losing a customer, but not addressing the concerns and issues the person has.


Quicken is a poor piece of software that cares exclusively about maximizing their own profits rather than serving customers. How and USAA partner with such an organization?  Worried about security?  Quicken requires they house your data and they can lock you out of your data at will -- how is that secure?  


This obviously was a decision made by the business end who bought into Quicken's sales pitch and NOT the IT Security team who could talk to the added risk.

How about posting a time frame as to when the ability to interact with financial management programs other than Quicken will be restored, instead of the "sorry to lose you" messages. I am a 45+ year member and have also started to move my banking activity to another institution that supports my software. Just waiting to apply for their credit card.  Although if functionality is restored to USAA, I would reconsider that decision.  As of now, it seems there is not even a commitment to do anything except "sorry to lose you; don't let the door hit you on the way out"

Hi Ron, would you mind hinting at where you are looking to go? I have been looking for a comparable bank but most of them are requiring a minimum bank balance to not be on the hook for monthly fees. I'm not even sure which ones still support the Direct Connect OFX protocol.


Thanks in advance!

Hi Cap'n,


We have a brokerage account at Fidelity, along with our IRA holdings


They are still supporting OFX and, according to a conversation I had a few days ago with Tech Support, they are not aware of any plans to change that.


Fidelity also offers Bill pay with electronic presentment, no-charge Checking, credit and debit cards, ATM fee reimburement, and the same ACH and wire transfer services as USAA.


And their customer service for the past few years seems to be pretty responsive, without excessive wait time to get through to someone.


I am testing their Bill pay services now. If USAA provides a time frame for re-enabling PocketSense and other, similar programs, I probably won't switch; but I am starting the process.  Using the CSV download process for our 4 accounts at USAA is just too time-consuming (and, at my age, I don't have a lot left <g>).


For me, I would just add check writing to our brokerage account, and also use that for bill pay.  I'm not sure what the requirements are for setting this up in order to avoid fees if you don't already have a relationship with them, but for me, there would be no charges.

Thank you for the information Ron! I will give USAA just a bit more time to hopefully get some kind of answer. If customer service keeps stonewalling and not giving us an update on restoring Direct Connect OFX so that non-Quicken apps like Pocketsense, Moneydance, and gnucash can work again, I'll also probably be joining Fidelity. Moving all my money isn't something I really want to do but if push comes to shove, I will have no choice but to dump USAA.