I’m not even sure where to begin. I guess perhaps I’ll start with us having a USAA credit card that over the past several years was hacked into over 15 times with over 15 fraudulent charges that I caught, not USAA!
On numerous occasions I would have to call stop credit report fraudulent charges our last couple years. We were treated poorly and disrespectfully. It is gotten so bad that I canceled my homeowners insurance, credit card, my auto insurance and everything pertaining to USAA.
Most recently I was gone for three months and had set up auto deduct from my bank account for credit card payment, just like I had done for my homeowners and auto insurance. To my disbelief, after one payment went through successfully the subsequent three were canceled somehow.
The cancellations did not come from my bank that has been confirmed. They came from USAA.
Upon me returning home and to close on my home I had for sale, I found the Errors USAA had made.
I immediately contacted USAA to dispute and file a complaint on three missed payments and found out they had closed my credit card account without my knowledge.
At that time I also canceled my homeowners insurance. Long story short USAA has refused to acknowledge the error, has ruined my credit, refuse to help me in the matter, refuse to further my complaint that I filed against them on January 22 of 2020. Every time I call USAA no one seems to know anything, no one wants to help me, people disrespect me, I’ve been called a liar and I’ve been put on hold for up to 30 minutes at a time.
I have severed all ties with USAA except for the fact that they need to take responsibility for fouling up my credit and they need to fix it now!!!!
Due to the error my credit dropped over 100 points and they have put me in a position where I can no longer buy a home.
So this is the thanks we get, not only for serving our country, but for being a member for over 15 years and for my husbands father being a member and serving our country in World War II.


Hello there and we are sorry to hear of this experience you had with us. We understand the seriousness of the situation. We have located your information and will engage a specialist to review the details. Thank you for speaking up today. ~Sarah

Yeah.. you sure got back with me. Not only had no one gotten back with me about the first dispute on January 20th, no one has gotten back with me on this.
To top it off, now you are reporting my USAA Savings account as 120 days past due!!!!! Wtf!!

Hello @BAllsy. I am very sorry to hear of your situation. I have forwarded your concerns for further review.- Colleen

Are you using two factor authentication for all your accounts, purchases, etc.?  Are you using PayPal for internet purchases?  If not, well you're a perfect target for hackers and ID thieves.  If you're using the card at gas stations and restaurants that, too, is not advisable these days.

Like others,  i too have experienced fraud issues with my personal account; it happened  a little over a year ago.  In my case, I had just about $40,000.00 in funds that were wire transeferred out of my checking account without consent.  The funds were wired transferred into two different bank acounts into two different states in which again, I did not give personal as in "expressed" or "written" consent to do so.  Furthermore, the person in question was not on my signiture card and nor did they have my written or expressed consent to access my account.  


For me as a veteran, what is truly sad about this case, is that USAA played a role in the theft of my account.  It was their failure - negligence (Duty of Care) that allowed this person - who was in their  first step of the process of wire transferring money out of my personal checking account to continue their act of theft.  


As a USAA customer, USAA should have taken a moment and called me, they had a duty to notified me, and to warn me that they had  a person of interest on the phone who was in the process of transferring money out of my personal checking account; they have a duty to keep our accounts safe.


In addition,  this person, the woman who was on the phone had to talk to the USAA customer service representative in order to gain key information in order to complete the illegal wire transfers.  Thus, when the USAA customer service representative  talked to her,  and the conversation which was being recorded  knew at that time they were not talking to the account holder of the account.  they fully knew that I being the account holder was a male and they were talking to a female who was not on the signature card and to a person who did not have my consent to manage, use, or withdraw funds from my account.  

USAA aided them by giving - over the phone - the key information they were in search of about my account.  This act of negligence by the USAA customer service representative was the actual cause of the breach to my checking account.  This act of willful negligence, allowed this person to compromise my account and then allowed them to wire transferred almost $40,000.00 into bank accounts that were not linked into my checking account.


Luckly, I caught onto the wire transfers when I checked  my bank balance and I in good faith called USAA and was promised on a Saturday afternoon that these transfers were not going to occur on the upcoming Monday and that I should file a police report about the matter.


As any resonable person would do, I called USAA several times and was promised that the wire transfers would not take place and that my money was safe. However,  over the course of the weekend and several phone calls later the funds without my consent were wire transferred to the two other bank accounts that I was not signature holder to.  


I also went through their Fraud process and to this day have yet to find resolve and recover the $40,000.00 that was transferred out of my personal account.  


The challenge with USAA is that they seem to want to kick the can/the issue down the road and stall, stall, stall.