So I was reading this article 


Particularly this area here. 


"Thanks to Capital One 360‘s incredible ability to create umpteen jillion accounts for free, we pretty much use the envelope system for our online purchases as well.  The system is called sinking funds, and we have individual online savings accounts, all with ING, labeled things like Christmas,clothing, and giving.  As we spend money online from our checking account, we simply transfer the exact funds from the appropriate savings account.  It’s beautifully simple, really." 


Why doesn't USAA give us the ability to set up digital 'envelopes' to help young soldiers budget their money more efficiently? These people opened like 12 different checking accounts with USAA named different things to get it all done. 


Which is pretty legit and I am going to end up doing that... But for some smaller savings accounts that, honestly, don't require a ton of money and don't really warrant an entire savings account dedicated to it, why not have a 'lump' savings account total with the ability to subdivide it out by category like this 360 program?