Projected Date for USAA Investment Accounts to Transition to Victory Capital?

On USAA websites, I can't seem to find a projected date for our USAA mutual fund accounts to transition/migrate over to being under Victory Capital and allow me to get setup online at Yes, I've looked over every bit of USAA's "Transition Hub" website but no projected date is shown, only an inoperable "Set up VC Account" hyperlink button under the "To Do In Future" webpage.


I believe that the USAA investment website had an entry early in 2020 that said the final transition/migration (and our associated  Victory Capital online account set up) would occur in July 2020. What happened? The Schwab account transfer went off as scheduled, why not Victory Capital? It's concerning that USAA has not been providing, for months now, any updates on status of USAA finalizing  our mutual fund accounts transition to VC. 


@Songbill, thank you for reaching out. I understand that you have concerns about the conversion of investment accounts to Victory Capital. Members will continue to access Victory Capital accounts through until the Victory Capital technology conversion later this year. The final conversion is expected to occur in late 2020. A specific date has not been provided. I'll share your concerns with the appropriate USAA team for review. ~DC