Many of you are probably getting the same invasive questions: Net Worth, salary information, Employers name, employer address and phone number, among other things like foreign political affiliations.

Fine, you’ve got the data. Data Mine and cross correlate it with records from data brokers for deeper analytics, but at least be honest about why you are asking these questions. Shortly after providing copious amounts of private information to USAA, LexisNexis and other data brokers suddenly had everything exclusively provided to USAA - including unlisted phone numbers, income, etc... Everything!!!

Where in the privacy policy does it state there is a partnership with LexisNexis and we don’t have the option to Opt Out of these 3rd party sharing arrangements?


I do regret to hear that you feel this way @jujubeads. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with the appropriate area. Once reviewed they will contact you. We appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily

Do you really regret hearing that your cusotmers feel this way, USAA Social Service person, because I have yet to read one reply from your "subject matter experts" or "appropriate area"?   While this topic/subject has been talked about for months, it's been crickets about a solution.   I would; however, like to know how long USAA and their SMEs think it takes to transfer all of my accounts to another bank.   

@crb1105, we definitely care about how our members feel and USAA values your feedback. I am not able to locate your previous post however I will escalate your concerns to the appropriate department for further review. We certainly do not want for you to transfer your accounts to another bank. We appreciate your patience. Thank you. ~ Robyn

They will get back with you on Blah blah about the account.  They will not do anything for you the information is stored.