USAA had previously treated me great, when I was active duty.. 5 years ago I was blessed with a TBI and numerous other injuries.. I am now medically retired and was released from service 3 years ago. 

About a year and a half ago, I was caught in a fraud scam when I was needing money for food after  a x-country move. Unfortunately, I was told I needed to repay the 1600+ dollars that were stolen from me. I didn’t have the money to repay it, so I found another bank. 

Recently, I received a large check from social security for 3 years of back pay for disability compensation... the problem there was I registered my USAA account for direct deposit when I initially requested disability from SSA, but that account was closed and ‘charged off’ because it was negative for so long without me being able to repay the fraud debt. 

A few months ago, I wanted to get my USAA checking account back because it was nice being able to get cash out anywhere knowing it wouldn't cost me anything - one of the associates told me that as soon as the charged off amount was repaid, I could open a new account. Not exactly. Not even after having checking/credit/savings accts for 14 years.

USAA received a very large check for backpayment of disability from SSA for the last 3 years on Monday. When I called in about it,  they told me that I would be able to open a new account after the debt was listed as cleared, 3 business days. When I called on Wednesday, they told me that I couldn't open a new account, and it would be mailed to me in 10 days.

I asked to speak to a manager, and was told they would call me back. I waited for hours, and called again at 1900- the associate told me the managers were 'slammed' and assured me i would get call back by 2000, or noon the next day at the latest. 

Noon the next day came and no return call. I called in and explained to them that receiving the remaining money quickly was imperative to me, in order for me to pay for health services not covered by the VA - stem cell treatment.  I spoke to someone that told me they could after a new checking account was opened. I proceeded to open checking and savings - and I was DENIED because of some sh*t he called EWS. And then they proceeded to tell me that they would mail me the balance in 10 DAYS.  They refused my offer to pay for an expedited mail service, and this was how the rules are written.

I missed the stem cell treatment cutoff date, for which was the least expensive... but hey, at least they still thanked me for being a 14 year member to USAA and for my service..  Thanks. Send me some hopes and prayers too. Those are just as valuable.  : l


Hello @greyg00se19, I am very sorry to hear of your situation. I have escalated your concerns for further review. -Colleen

USAA, I don't need a response here, but you need to get back to making "Human" decisions, allowing procedures and robots to do the dealings of USAA as far as making credit decisions and in this case denying a man his check to get treatment because of protocol, is inhumane. You should have gladly mailed this mans check to him expedited to take care of him. It is not enough to thank us for our service, the local Home Depot Clerk will do this if you provide proof of service, actions speak louder than words and stating you can't expedite him his check, so he can pay the least possible for his stem cell treatment says that you do not thank him for his service or years of membership. I am not saying that is your intent, but that is what it says to me and most likely to him and others as well. 

USAA has serious training issues amongst its staff- and if the policies have truly changed to no longer serve it’s clients... the CEO needs to go and the organizations needs a thorough review of all systems!
I see your escalation went about as far as I expected it to- nowhere.

It’s sad because even though you have all closed my accounts- including my credit card, which still has a balance that I am paying- I still make payments to you through Wells Fargo for my insurance and mortgage, I have been denied opening a new checking account because of EWS, whatever the F that is.. and I can’t even pay you for the cost of sending priority mail that contains the check I have been waiting 3 years for- when I know it would cost you nothing to wire it to the checking account I pay you from each month - but thank you for thanking me for my 14 yr USAA membership and service to my country.

We are not at all surprised to read yours and others' recent experiences with this unrecognizable USAA. We have been members for more than 3 decades and what we are seeing in their delivery today is disturbing, inefficient, disconnected and unacceptable. Gone is the  USAA we used to trust for all our financial needs. Nowadays you are lucky to get someone on the phone who possesses some measure of intellect or human characteristic. We were the victims of ATM fraud in Thailand (the funds never came out of the machine) and when we returned to the US we filed a claim with them. We kept on filing claim after claim because they did not believe us...Of course, they chose to believe a third world country ATM over loyal 34+ year members, so we lost our money. I tell young military folks nowadays to shop carefully for a financial institution because USAA is not what it used to be.  I have to laugh at every reply from them to all of you that they are 'investigating or escalating the investigation, blah blah blah....' No one cares at USAA anymore, no one. They need to learn about true customer service from American Express, who, on the other hand, cannot do enought to address and resolve a customer's inquiry or problem.

@memberAZ, Thank you for your membership of 34+ years. I'm saddened to learn that you no longer trust USAA with your financial needs. Please allow me to engage an expert to review the ATM withdrawals in Thailand. We'll reach out to you once the research has been completed. ~DC

And yet USAA continues a massive (expensive) ad campaign about how much it cares about our military families.  That used to be the case, but no more unfortunately.......

To the person who replied on behalf of USAA: Believe me, we had more than enough people engaged in the situation and NO ONE cared to believe us. The amount in question became irrelevant as it was only about $156, what was truly disturbing was the lack of empathy and trust we received from every single USAA agent. Basically, your agents alleged we lied by telling us that they had 'proof' we did receive the money (which of course was not true and no one ever revealed to us the alleged proof they had, which could not be materialized because we NEVER got the money out of the ATM). We are disgusted beyond words by the way we were treated. How do you justify treating a loyal, exemplary member of more than 3 decades this way? We do not need your $156, we needed your trust and your resolution to our inquiry. USAA failed us and, from what we are seeing in these posts, USAA is failing a vast number of members as well.

Welcome to the USAA under Stuart Parker's leadership.